Tuesday, 3 May 2016

2016 x 125/365

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Finally this baby is mine 

Just ordered this today (Wednesday 4th May) a couple of hours ago

Took me a while to decide to purchase her lip kit because 
1) I don't need any more lipsticks (but well, who NEEDS lipsticks exactly?) 
2) I just ordered a batch of matte lipsticks from Colourpop 
3) it's more than 50 bucks for one lip kit 

So yes considering all the factors above, I unfollowed her instagram account so as not to get tempted. But honestly, I did want to know what the hype is about. Why would anyone camp at unearthly hour? Why would anyone sacrifice their precious sleeping time to get.. lipsticks? And it's a coincidence that she was going to restock on 4th May so I decided to purchase one to try! 

The restock timing was 315 GMT+8. Well, technically I didn't camp for it since it is currently the finals period and I was studying. So i usually sleep at 4/5ish and i thought it would be a good time to wait for the restock. 

My god, the anxiety was for real. This is my first time "camping" for online stuff so I can feel my heart palpitations. Come to think of it, I think I love the thrill more than the products HAHA. It's like "I WANT IT AND I WILL GET IT" kind of mindset. I can tell my daughters in future that I've done all these sorts of things when I was young ;)

Started refreshing the page at 3.15AM sharp but there was.. nothing?
I was like wtf? Marketing gimmick or something? 
So i tried to use another tab and THERE, IT WORKED 

Mission was to cart out Heir (metallic) and Candy K (matte). 

I had a darn hard time contemplating between Posie K and Candy K but went for the latter at the end.
I think I was quite anxious so I added both Posie and Candy to my cart and only realized it when I was at the payment page. Had half the mind to get both but NO, I need to try one before I get more in future. So I got Candy!

Made payment and keyed in all the information and BAM IT IS MINE. 

And guess what? Due to my virgin try, I forgot all about the metallic lipstick HAHAH. Silly me. I went back quickly and realized Heir was OOS. Right.. Wanted to get King K but stopped myself just in time since I thought it could be quite light and Reign would be too dark. :(

Oh well, better luck next time x 

I feel a little stupid to get only ONE lipstick when I paid USD15 for international shipping. But I really could not bring myself to get more in case I can't sell them away. That's why I can never do business - no guts to take risks oops haha! 

Some tips which I learnt while researching:

1) Know the restock date and timing

You do not need to purchase the app to know the information.
Many IG accounts will provide the informations of her restock.
Just got to search "kylie cosmetics" on IG and many accounts will pop up.

Once you know the information, check the timing in SG.
Most likely they'll provide the PST so you can google "PST to GMT+8" to find the exact timing in SG. For 4th May, it was 3:15AM.

2) Know what you want to grab

Honestly, absolutely NO time for you to ponder which shade to get, the quantity etc.
You should know all these before the restock. Please google for swatches and watch YT videos to hear what others got to say so you can get a better feel :) 

3) Get ready all your information

-Email address 
-Credit or debit details (not sure if paypal is available)
-Shipping/Billing address 

Copy these information to a Word document or Notepad so that you can copy and paste when you are at the payment page :) No time to type, all seconds are precious ;)

4) Go to the site prior to the restock timing

-The site will show the above when it's nearing the restock timing. I kept refreshing till I see the original page whereby it has all the products listing etc
-If it doesn't work when time is up, quickly use another tab 

5) Add into cart quickly

Nuff' said

5) Cart out as soon as you are done

-This is the page which you will need your information
-Copy and paste quickly like your laptop will blow up if you don't!

6) Refreshing

-You will be @ this page after you submit your order

According to many people, they have to keep refreshing in order for it to load faster or something. 

The thing was, I didn't do that because I didn't dare for fear that it will just bring me back to the main page. So as you can tell, I sat there waiting and even have time to snap a quick picture HAHAHA. 

But I believe refreshing is a good idea if the page doesn't load after.. 30s?


Of course i can't comment how long it takes to reach me because I have yet to receive the magical box. 

Check back in the next time i receive it :') x 

PS: I don't know if i should wait for the next restock or just get Heir from resellers hmmmmm

Update (08 May) 

Received an email 3 days ago that my order has been shipped! 

I'm so excited to receive this in my mail box :') 
Just tracked the parcel and it's in transit! 
Honestly I'm quite surprised that they're pretty efficient, given the overwhelming number of orders. Maybe the reason is because I only purchased one lip kit so it's easier to chop chop pack and mail hahaha 

PS: It's been almost a week and my Colourpop's order is still processing :( 

Update (09 May) 

Oh, there'll be a new re stock!!

It will be on Monday 3pm Pacific time so it should be Tuesday, 6am GMT+8! 

Update (13 May) 

Yay my lip kit arrived in the mail box today! WHOOP

Delivery was quite fast & I must say I'm quite satisfied with their service and delivery :) 

Though it's not a personalized message, I'm still happy to receive a postcard with message :) 
I would give the packaging and design full marks! 

Candy K, xoxo

As known to all, it comes with a lip liner of the same shade, :)

Have yet to try it on my lips so I'm not sure of the formula and how it looks like on my lips. Swatch it on my hand and i LOVE the color payoff! A very nice pink shade with hues of brown and peach.

For its smell, it's a little overwhelming for me. 
A mixture of vanilla essence with some sort of ice cream and candy flavor. I can't seem to describe it but it's too strong. Hopefully it would be alright on my lips. 

Will try it soon! 

Restock and launch of Exposed will be Friday 13 May (aka today GMT+8 but unsure of the timing in US, could be Saturday!) 

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