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Shopping on Taobao (淘宝) via EZBUY 

I have been a loyal fan of Taobao ever since I discovered the method to shop and ship over 
to Singapore. Even though it's not exactly the easiest online site to navigate (especially for 
those who are poor in Chinese), you'll get the hang of it after a few tries - and most likely love it
 as well :) 

Majority of the sellers on Taobao offer direct shipping to Singapore but I have never tried that personally because i have heard horrible stories from friends that their items never arrive, unable to communicate with sellers, wrong orders arrived etc. So I rather pay a little more and use EZBUY's buy-for-me service. Or they're more affectionately known as 65daigou. Fuss free and they will assist should there be any issue with shipping/ products etc. 

Brownie points: They have new collection points and one of them is right opposite my place - all the more I should use their service x 

Ok let's get started (ready for some verbal vomit?) 

First, you have to hop on to TB's website:

PS: You can get anything and everything on their site. 
From bags to utensils to plates to vegetables to everything under the sun wts

Tip 1: Do NOT rush and get any items. You'll be frustrated and confused because there are SO many shops/ items. Set aside time to browse through all the shops.

Tip 2: Open google translate and use that as a tool to search! There'll be more options if you search in Chinese as compared to English. So for example, if you would like to search for women's vintage shoes, you can type in: 女鞋复古

Tip 3: There'll be many shops which sell the same exact pair/ design. Besides considering the price (lowest does NOT mean the best), ALWAYS check the shop's ratings at the right hand side. 

(Credit: Google)

I'll tend to buy from the shop with highest ratings as long as the prices are not too exorbitant. On the other hand, you can also check out their feedback so as to read what other customers say about their service/ products. :) Also, it all boils down to your gut feelings. HAHA

Next, after you've decided on the item, hop over to EZBUY's site:

Register for an account - you will need your email address & mobile no 

After you get an account, copy the item's URL from TB's site and paste on EZBUY's orange bar.

After you pasted the link, you will be directed to the next page whereby you can select the options 

Tip 4: Ensure that you select the options and quantity correctly as it'll be difficult to change the options after the order is being placed 

After you're done with ordering all the items, click "check out" at the bottom right page and you'll see the page below 

Tip 5: Check through all the orders and ensure that everything is in place 

Besides product item's price and domestic shipping, the other payments such as shipping fee and agent fee cannot be calculated till the items arrive. 

Click "next" once you are done checking.

You'll arrive at this page whereby you will be asked to select your choice of warehouse and shipping method. Click "edit"

Usually I would choose "nearest warehouse" and if you see $0.00, it would mean that domestic shipping is FREE. 

For shipping method, I would recommend economy air. Personally have not tried sensitive air/sea so i can't comment on that. 

For express air, it would be useful if you need the things urgently. 

For sea shipment, it takes SO DARN long (almost a month) so I would not recommend it unless you want to ship things like drinks, food, batteries which cannot be shipped via air. :( 

After you're done selecting the options, you will see the option for "insurance" at the bottom of "pay now" 

I would suggest to click the first box for domestic shipping so that you don't have to go to the site or app to pay if domestic shipping is not reflected accurately. RMB 10 is around SGD2

For insurance, I have never add that before as all my items are quite cheap so I can't be bothered doing so. Also because nothing ever happen (touchwood) so I don't have the intention to add insurance. You may do so (extra cost) if it makes you feel safer.

After you're done with the selection, click "pay now"

After clicking that, your order has been submitted and you'll be asked to make payment.
Click "top up now" to make payment

There are many payment options such as IBanking and credit card.
For credit card, there will be 3% transaction fee so I use iBanking for all my purchases.

If you choose ibanking, click "i've completed transfer" after you're done transferring.

Fill in the options (usually i only pay minimum payable amount) and submit your payment when you're done :)

Now, you just have to shake leg and wait for your parcel to arrive :)

As you most likely order from various sellers, EZBUY will notify you when all the orders have reached their China warehouse and you can submit to ship together. Alternatively, you can ship whatever that have arrived but that would mean separate charges so not worth it. 

You can always check your parcel's status under "my account" :) 

Once your parcel is ready for collection, EZBUY will notify you to make payment for agent/handling/shipping fee before you can collect your parcel. 

First payment: Product price + Domestic shipping (if any)
Second payment: Agent fee + Handling fee + Shipping fee (international) 

There, after you've transferred, you can select the day/time in which you would like to collect your parcel. They also have options for courier so you can choose that as well :)

Tip 6: If you do not need the things urgently, wait for EZBUY's promotion such as 20% off shipping fee, free agent fee etc so that it'll be more worth it as usually those miscellaneous fees are the ones which are expensive.

Tip 7: If your items come in wrong size/color but you are sure that you ordered correctly, you can always seek EZBUY's assistance to check with seller. There was once when I received the wrong Macbook casing, I checked with EZBUY and they sent me another cover, without charging a single cent :)

Final tip: I would highly discouraged to buy branded goods from Taobao. For sure, you cannot guarantee its authenticity, eg. you wouldn't want to spend SGD200 on a pair of inspired Nike sneakers. And EZBUY would not be responsible for inspired goods.
 In addition, do NOT place high hopes on the products as there will definitely be differences between stock photos and real life, just like any online shopping. 

Now, hop on to EZBUY to start TB-ing :D

For enquiries
Email me @

Read my reviews of my recent TB haul @ (Day 111 & Day 115)

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