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2016 x 104/365

Will be updating about PC products as I use them :) 
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13th April 2016 

Finally received my Paula's Choice in the mailbox today :')
Took less than a week for the parcel to arrive and I must say that I'm pretty happy with their service & shipping (was quite worried that my parcel will be missing or something) - hopefully I can say the same for their products too x 

I chatted with the skin experts on their website on 4th April and placed my order the next day. PC shipped out my parcel on 6 Apr (talk about efficiency) and I received it in less than a week on 13th April :) x

They have quite a number of collections and types of products so I couldn't decide which to get, hence I decided to speak to their experts for more information. :)
I've combination skin and a nasty issue with sebaceous filaments on my nose area so Sally (the expert) advised me to get the following products to combat my skin issues:

Step 1: Moisture Boost One Step Face Cleanser (237ml)
AUD 26.36
Click here to check it out

Step 2: Hydralight Toner (190ml)
AUD 25.45
Click here to check it out

Step 3: Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (30ml)
AUD 11.82
Click here to check it out

*Kind of regretted not getting the full size product. Given its size, I don't think it will last one month since it can be used twice a day. :( 

Step 4: Moisturize 

Left: Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex SPF 15 (morning moisturizer)
AUD 30 
Click here to check it out

Right: Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion (night moisturizer)
AUD 33.64
Click here to check it out

End of a simple skincare regime. 
Not trying out any treatment/mask products at the moment because I want to test to see if the basic products work on my skin. :') 

Complimentary samples with minimum purchase of 10$

Top row (left to right): Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser, Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask, Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturizer

Bottom: Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster (with 100$ purchase)

Where I ordered from:
To get $15 off your first order:

Reviewing all these products once I feel that time is right x 

14th April 2016 

It's the first day of my PC skincare regime. Decided to try it for a month or two before I'm able to review them accurately. However, for memory sake, I have decided to update as and when necessary :) 

A little background: I don't have any serious skin conditions nor acne issues (touchwood) but I suffer from oily T-zone and dry cheeks/chin. I'm also extremely bothered by the sebaceous filaments on my nose area, I used to think it's blackheads so i tried a tons of anti-blackheads products but to no avail - obviously, because i realize it's not even blackheads wtf. On another note, there's no skincare products which i feel really improve my skin conditions. I've tried many products from drugstore to high end products but don't see any improvements except that I do not breakout from using them - which is good i guess? The only brand which I think kind of work is Sulwhasoo. I used their trial kit and I think my skin loves ginseng hahaha. If PC doesn't work, i shall try Sulwhasoo next

Since it's my virgin experience with PC, I intend to use the BHA 2% and renewal oil booster only once a day (you can use it up to twice a day) to see if my skin will react badly to the products. *fingers crossed

For the cleanser, I absolutely love the packaging :')
Its texture is more watery as compared to other cleansers which I had used previously. 
It doesn't have a strong smell so i believe it's good for sensitive and/or irritable skin. I read somewhere that scented products have alcohol and some other ingredients which will irritate the skin. As for the product itself, it works just like any other cleansers, it doesn't have much foam but skin still felt so clean after rinsing :) 

Toner: I absolutely love the smell hahaha it smells like... barley? I used a cotton pad even though hand is recommended so as not to waste the product. But i'm not used to it so I stick with cotton pad. Doesn't feel any difference from my previous toners.

In my morning routine, I also applied the BHA 2% exfoliant. It has this slight acidic smell but nothing unbearable. Feels as though you're applying toner though - nothing special (yet)

Last step would be moisturizer. I also added in 2-3 drops of the renewal oil booster in the morning moisturizer :) Both hydralight moisturizers have a thick consistency so a little goes a long way. I dispensed too much so I used the extras on my neck and arms hahaha. Both smell good so I love applying them :')

If everything goes smoothly, I will be using the BHA exfoliant and renewal oil booster twice a day - day and night 

Till the next update x

16th April 2016 

It's the third day of the skincare regime. I have been following the regime strictly and religiously & have not apply any kind of treatment/sheet masks so as to monitor the progress more accurately. In addition, I have not used any other skincare products besides those from PC, as stated above.

However, I have noticed a couple of small bumps which look like whiteheads - i'm sure they aren't acnes or pimples. Not very sure if my skin is going through purging or just some mini break out of some sort because of irregular sleeping hours (been suffering from insomnia) & stress. Shall observe and see :)

Side note: I've not experienced any form of break out and/or purging from skin care products except for One Beloved One's sheet mask, darn, that thing is potent. I had red and angry bumps the next day. So i stopped using it and the bumps subside on their own within a few days. That was my only negative experience thus far.

Hopefully PC's products would not give me such an issue - so far so good :) 

Till next time x

23rd April 2016 

It's been such a long day but I suddenly got reminded that I have been through the PC's skincare regime for slightly more than a week. Everything's good thus far. No breakouts, no bumps, no rashes, which is good but at the same time, I have yet to see any visible improvement. Still too early I guess? I've read reviews that they only see changes after a few weeks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Apparently you can see improvements after using BHA 2% for a few days but because i don't have blackheads, it's hard to gauge as of now. 

Oh but i do realize that I perspire a lot more after using the day moisturizer :( it could be because of the humidity in Singapore since I do not perspire that much after using the night moisturizer as I'm in air conditioned room at night. The amount of perspiration in the day is really to the extent of dripping from my face - no kidding. I only use a tiny amount though so i believe it's nothing to do with the amount that I'm using. I have yet to ask the skin experts at PC but I did google and a lot of articles talk about the process of evaporation which explains the perspiration. Plus the moisturizer is quite thick and i've oily skin. :( I'll definitely check with the PC's experts soon. 

But from today onwards, i'll be increasing my usage of both BHA 2% and renewal oil booster twice a day - day and night. :) 

Ok that's all for now, hopefully there'll be improvements the next time I check in :') x

29th April 2016 

Holla! It's been slightly more than a week since I started using BHA 2% and renewal oil twice a day. As usual, so far so good HAHA I'm really loving the renewal oil though. No rashes, bumps nor break outs :) 

I'm not sure if it's psychological or something but I feel that my skin seems brighter and more.. glowy? Even without make up :)

For the "purging" which I wrote about on 16th April, I don't think it's purging afterall haha. The bumps vanished on their own after a couple of days and all's good now. I guess my skin is going to clear up even more now that finals is going to be over soon so no more late nights and unnecessary bingeing. :)

As for sebaceous filaments, no changes so far. It's quite expected though I must say I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping this new skincare regime will lighten or minimize the sebaceous filaments. Then again, the products are not meant to clear them up too so I shouldn't expect that much. Maybe i'll ask PC if there are any products that can minimize them 

I will be starting to apply masks again. Never mask at all ever since I started PC's products so as to monitor any break outs of any sorts. Now that it's going to be almost 3 weeks and no nasty reactions, I'll be using masks again :) 

Check back in next time x

3th May 2016 

Not an update on my skin's progress this time round but a couple of notes since I finally got to speak to one of the skin experts from PC.

Their live chat ends at 4PM AEST so it's 2 hours later than Singapore. By the time I wake up in the afternoon (oops), they are always closed hahaha finally i got to catch them this morning!

About perspiring after applying moisturizer: 

Apparently she said it could be too heavy for my skin so she asked for my skin type. However, she assured that the Hydralight shine-free mineral moisturizer (the one i'm currently using) is the ideal one for my skin condition. Other lighter-weight moisturizers would not be as hydrating for my dry areas. Hence, she recommends that I use a lesser amount. :)

Applying face masks after or before toner:

Usually when I apply face masks, I will do so after cleansing and forgo the rest of my skincare regime HAHA. Well, because I'm lazy. Application of the face masks will go according to the instructions at the back of the sheet mask. If it were on a cleansed face, it would be after cleanser. And after removing the face mask, wait for a while to let it absorb before carrying on with normal routine (ie. toner > exfoliant > moisturizer)  

How long would it take to see results after using new products?

While it varies for individuals, we are encouraged to try the products religiously for 6-8 weeks should there be no drastic changes and/or nasty reactions.  

What is retinol used for and will it be too strong on normal & insensitive skin?

Retinol is used to repair skin to promote healthy and young skin. As a starter, it is recommended to use light to moderate strengths of retinol treatment to see how our skins react. 

To read more about retinol treatment: click here

For my next purchase, I will be trying out one of their retinol treatments. Either the Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol or Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum :)

Anyway, I think their YT channel is quite informative! :)
Check it out here 

4th May 2016

Tried the skin recovery hydrating treatment mask before I went to bed. 
It was one of the samples I picked up during my first purchase.

First impression: The mask isn't those kind of clay masks, the color and texture is likened to a moisturizer. Smell wise, it doesn't smell like anything unbearable. After application, it as stinging badly and I had half the mind to remove it. I wanted to leave it on overnight for intensive treatment but I was worried that my skin will react badly to the mask since it had stinging sensation. I deliberated but still went ahead to leave it overnight. Nothing bad happened thus far (thank god) x 

As for the mask itself, since it's my first and only use, I cannot comment much on the quality. I used up everything in the sample since they stated "apply generously." Hahaha. It felt quite tacky but because of its texture, i can feel my skin absorb all the goodness. :) When i woke up, my face felt the same though. Not particularly moisturized nor does it feel dry. However, my skin does feel soft and bouncy, but that's usually how it feels after putting on a mask, so no difference. Maybe it could only be effective if used regularly on the long run. 

This mask is specially for drying skin though so maybe I should try the oil absorbing mask instead.

9th May 2016 

Checking back in earlier than expected hahaha 

But anyway, I popped in just to note down that I've emptied my renewal booster oil :( 
So the sample size (3.5ml) lasted me for almost a month. 

I will definitely re purchase it before I love to add a couple of drops into my moisturizer.
Honestly I don't know if it REALLY works but my skin feels really soft after I apply moisturizer. Plus redness around my nose area has subsided significantly. Hence, I suppose the oil does help in one way or another. :) 

It's slightly expensive @ AUD50 for only 20ml but a little goes a long way. Will be combining with other items to make the international shipping worthwhile ;)

For other products, there's still more than half except for cleanser. Probably will purchase cleanser and retinol treatment together with the oil. 

14th May 2016

Holla! After talking about the renewal oil last update, I re-purchased it on because they had a 20% sales! So it worked out to be USD28 (it's AUD 50 on the aussie site). In addition, I also got the Clinical Retinol 1% treatment for USD44. There was also free shipping with orders above USD35 hence it worked out to be much more cheaper than getting from the Aussie site. :) 

Wanted to re purchase my cleaner because I'm only left with 1/4 :( However, I'm contemplating if i should change to another range or stick to Moisture Boost. Their new calm redness range looks amazing but I don't really experience redness so I don't know if it would be too harsh. Will research again before deciding x

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