Tuesday, 12 April 2016

2016 x 103/365

Tanuki Raw @ Kapok

Finally tried Tanuki Raw after seeing the pictures its rice bowls plastered all over Instagram.
Unlike some ulu places, I'm so so glad its location is very convenient - right opposite intercontinental hotel & beside Bugis+. Brownie points for that x 

We hurriedly ordered cocktails (10 bucks each) because they have complimentary beef sliders from 5-7pm with purchase of alcoholic drinks. And not to mention oysters at 2 bucks each from 5-8pm oh yay. Super worth it because they are so fresh, we should have ordered a dozen instead :')

Tried the truffle yakiniku and black garlic/roasted leek negitoro. Both were quite good but I would prefer the truffle yakiniku :) 

I would say it's a pleasant virgin experience @ Tanuki Raw
Prices are pretty much similar to those cafes but the rice portions do NOT justify their prices, a tad too expensive in my opinion. However, a lot of things make up for it. I absolutely love its decoration despite the place being slightly small and could be quite noisy during the meal peak hours. More brownie points for their service though - they're quick and serve iced water (very important for water tank like me) 

So, I'll be going back soon to try other food x 

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