Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 x 4/365

HAPPY 2016!

Am so glad that 2015 ended on an exceptionally lovely note. :)
December had been hectic, fun and certainly one of the best months in 2015!

Last project of SJ ended and we are all ready for the vicious cycle again, i hope.
Planning had been really fun with a small and enthusiastic group and though execution hadn't been smooth-sailing, i'm glad that there are always people who are ready to lend a helping hand and always pardon my mistakes, allowing me to learn & grow x 

Work was short before scooting off to the land of friendliness and enduring the cold for 8 days. Would leave it to another post because the beautiful land and memories deserve a post on its own. :') 

Came back for Christmas parties before an impromptu trip to Penang, to celebrate New's Year with the maternal family - one of the best decisions in 2015. I'm touched and glad that the family is still tight knitted despite being miles away from one another and only seeing one another for once or twice a year.

Returned to the sunny island and it's 4th day of the new year. 
Can't rate 2015 being good or bad because it had its ups and downs, just like any other years. Though 2015 wasn't as 'life-transiting' as 2014, it was definitely better and more fulfilling. 2015 was also the year which I realized that relationships with humans are fragile and we need to put in double (maybe triple) effort to maintain any kind of relationships. I'm glad things happened the way they should because they made me grow and let go of certain things and people who are toxic. :)

Not my habit to set resolutions because i prefer to go with the flow and set small goals along the way - also maybe because I do not want to be disappointed when I don't follow and keep at them at the end of year. But in 2016, traveling to new cities and getting out of my comfort zone is something which I hope to achieve. :) Of course, not forgetting to get through the 2 semesters of school ahead. 

To a better 2016 ahead x

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