Friday, 29 January 2016

2016 x 29/365

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Time for some nature bathin' - off to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Had a stopover at Puli (埔里) to have lunch at one of these noodles places which was recommended by our driver. IT WAS SURPRISINGLY FAB! 

PS/ We got our driver to detour so we can have it again en route to Cingjing!

Continued our journey after lunch and we reached SML in the late afternoon. 
Had wanted to go for the lake/ferry tour when we reached but we decided to check in to our minsu first because they offered cheaper price (NT100, more than 50% off!) + having a little motion sickness from the car ride :(

Entrance to Doris Home B&B (朵麗絲的家民宿)

The living room/ common area for breakfast and chilling x 

The owner, 小游, who welcomed us warmly and he was so helpful when our driver was slightly lost as it was pretty difficult to locate the minsu. No sign of impatience. Oh, there were no elevators but he helped us to carry our bulky luggage to the residence level (Level 2). He shared more about the lovely SML and recommended some activities to us. We proceeded to purchase the cruise tour tickets from him and went to wash up before we went out to explore :)

Email for 

Our cozy nest for one night, NT7200 for 2 rooms (we took Kitty and Doris - the only room with a mini balcony + one extra pax)

First Stop: Xuanguang Temple Pier (玄光寺)

Time to try the famous Ah Po Tea Egg aka 阿婆茶叶蛋!
Slightly overrated but it smelt so pleasant + super dope to have it in the chilly weather :)
We had another round after we visited the temple up the hill x 

Next and last stop (haha): Ita Thao (伊達邵)

We managed to catch this short performance by 邵族 and it was quite entertaining and an eye opener to their culture :) 

Their 'wolf like dog' which was the BOSS of the night. He literally just settled himself down in the middle of the performance on stage and rested there. Not too sure if it was part of the performance though, there was no mention of him but he (i assume it'a a male) was definitely cute!

Our last stop of the day was Wen Wu Temple (文武廟) which was too dark for me to capture any nice shots :( 

Woke up bright and early (maybe not bright since it was 6am) to catch the sunrise. We checked with 小游 the day before and he directed us the route to catch the beautiful sunrise BUT we never managed to catch it, :(

We cycled (complimentary bicycles provided at the minsu yay!) to Mei He Gardens 梅荷園 and got a good spot to wait for the sunrise but it never came. We heard from a group of tourists who were there as well that the mountains blocked our view. Technically we forgot what 小游  said so we just followed them and waited at the same spot HAHA. Oh well, 1h wait NOT in vain though, the view in the chilly morning was amazing and strangely therapeutic

Cycled back and 小游's father was in the common area so he prepared breakfast for us :)

Checked out after we washed up and I was quite sad to leave SML :( I felt that there was still so much more for me to explore and discover. Oh, and I would recommend everyone who want to stay in Shuishe (水社) area to give Doris Home a try! No regrets, be it service, the room or location, x.

En Route to Cingjing (清境) and as mentioned at the start of the post, we stopped by 古早面 for lunch, AGAIN :) 

Tip 101: Bring student card and be entitled to student price - NT120 ;)

It's so beautiful that words cannot describe x 

Only two timings for the show (11am & 2pm if i didn't recall wrongly) so plan the time well in order to catch it! The crowd was crazy way before the show started. Honestly, the show was nothing fanciful but the sheep were indeed too cute to resist (: 

Dealing with them everyday if you were a shepherd.
Doesn't sound bad facing those cute and innocent ones but not too sure about cleaning their shit HAHA

It was so difficult to snap a selfie with them because they only focus on the food and once they are done or you are no longer feeding them, THEY WILL TURN THEIR BACK ON YOU AND LEAVE. Right. 

Tip 101: you have to bribe them with food and place it on the ground so they will eat, look up and you will SNAP. All within a few seconds. There was a lady who was so nice to help me with bribing so that I can snap. :)

Moved on to horse riding though we weren't quite done with those cute ones yet. 
Adult riding is NT100 per pax 

Tip 101: Wait a little longer and almost till the end before the horses "knock off," it will be half price - NT50 ;)

On a sad note, it kind of pained me looking at those horses. I have no idea why but they looked so sad and listless. Not sure if it's because they are old/ill but still have to ride adults around. And some (those bigger build ones) have to ride 2 adults at one go, for pair riding. Imagine 100kg on a poor horse. I can't help but to think that the lack of energy in them was caused by how they were treated. :( I hope it's just because they were tired at that moment and that they were always well fed and well taken care of because they ought to deserve the best x

Reminder to self: No more riding on animals.

Back to feeding - it was fun and strangely, addictive! 

Mandatory tourists' jump shot - thankfully there's burst mode 

Caught a few shots of them while they are on their way back to the stables :)

Met up with our driver after we were done with the farm and we had  bamboo rice (竹筒饭) for pre-dinner before we set off to Lushan (廬山)
 for a night rest + our much needed hot spring soak :D

 Next up: Lushan (廬山) & Kaohsiung (高雄)

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