Thursday, 21 January 2016

2016 x 22/365

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We moved off to TAIPEI after a night at Taichung. 
After a 3-4h car ride, we finally reached there in the late afternoon. 
Decided to drop by the hotel first to wash up before going for our one-day private tour :)

Family room for 5 pax

Room was spacious for 5 of us but the hotel was a tad bit rundown. 
There was only one lift so most of the time, we had to wait before we got to use it. Breakfast was nothing fanciful. Oh and i just hate it when the bathtub is connected with the shower head (ie. one has to stand in the bath tub in order to shower) That's a bad design IMO. in addition, the light will flicker randomly for a couple of times every night wts. 

On the other hand, we found other hotels like Airline Inn, Muik, Diary of Taipei Hotel at XMD and had little tour of their rooms so I guess I would patronize them in future. Airline Inn is awesome judging by its service and room design. PEACE.

But I got to say that Rainbow's location is the BEST & MOST IDEAL. In the heart of Ximending, right smack in the middle (to be exact), shops and eateries are readily available once you step out of the hotel. No complains about that!

Old school design, no brownie points for it. 

First stop which caused me to have motion sickness because it's quite high up the mountainous areas. It's the best feeling to have your feet soak in SUPER hot water (50 degrees if my memory doesn't fail me) especially when the wind was so strong. Enjoyed ourselves in this mini 'sauna' before we headed off to our location x 

Tip 101: Wear shorts and slippers! 

Next stop: Tamshui (淡水)

淡水 was kind of disappointing. Don't really fancy the food nor the shopping. 
But a good place to buy local delicacies :) 

Chanced upon a rental shop which they had rental for scooters, hoverboard and bikes. 
Spent 10 minutes to try on the hoverboard! 

Though it's disappointing in terms of shopping and food, the whole street was bustling with life and energy, which I admire and love :)

Next stop: Fisherman's Wharf  (淡水漁人碼頭) & Lover's Bridge

It was too late and we were the only ones there when we reached. :( 

Next stop: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Didn't have time to explore the entire market because we had to catch the last train back :( One of my regrets but i'll be back!!! 

Morning coffee the next day while exploring the morning XMD

PS: Starbucks in TW is slightly cheaper than Singapore due to the exchange rate :)

First stop of the day: Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園)

The entire place was so magnificent and I'm awed by its beauty x

Snapping pictures of my lovely stranger son

Next stop of the day: Ruifang district

Location: Jiu Fen Old Street (九份老街)

Oh there was a long queue for this so being the typical Singaporean, I decided to join in. HAHA
Apparently it's popiah skin with shaved peanut and ice cream. Well, it didn't taste bad but not exactly wow kind of thing 

Moving off to Shifen (十分) for sky lanterns WHOOP

Had to send my wishes that I would pass my semestral exams xx

Left Shifen after photo-taking and setting our own fireworks near the train station.

I had planned to take photos and videos but the fireworks was too close to me that I ran away and it ended when I wanted to snap. OK.

Headed back to the city and requested our driver to drop us at Ningxia Night Market (宁夏夜市) because I read online that the market is 
well-liked amongst locals. No photos because it was too crowded + too dark and obviously
 iphone camera isn't THAT good. But Ningxia was really fun with more unique food and our 
tzechar alike. Didn't get to try this popular beef noodle because it had too long queue. 

Breakfast at Ah Zhong the next morning before we toured the city ourselves

My first ever sweet potatoes latte.
It tasted weird yet nice at the same time. 
I got to say it's an unique combination though

The iconic view which i found to be beautiful x 

After Taipei 101, it was time for Wufenpu (五分埔) and Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市)

Wufenpu was boring.. But I got to say it's the winter/cold season hence the clothes weren't suitable for Singapore at all. Think trench coats, thick sweaters, beanies and boots. Plus the prices were more expensive than our bugis street. Too cold to even search for cheap bargains. 

Got this at one of the claw machines at Raohe!

Raohe was TOO crowded for me to enjoy. 
And because most stalls sell repetitive food/stuff, most of the time I was going along with the crowd. :( 

Our last morning at Taipei was spent at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) before we set off to SML :)

In time for changing of guards ceremony :)

With that, it concluded our Taipei days before we moved off to Sun Moon Lake, which was one of my favorite places. But I will definitely be back to explore Taipei (and try the risotto right outside the hotel wts)

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