Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 x 12/365

Virgin trip to +886 (Part I)
15th December '15 - 22nd December '15

Itinerary at a glance

Kaoshiung -> Taichung (1 night) -> Taipei (3 nights) -> SunMoonLake (1 night) -> Cingjing -> Lu Shan (1 night) -> Kaoshiung (1 night) 

Let's scoot off to the land of sausages x

Airline: Scoot
Flight Timing: 06 55h
Cost: SGD360 inclusive of luggage and extra 50% leg space + scoot in silence 

This view never fails to amaze me so much. :') 
Even though I have the tendency to sleep throughout the entire journey, I'll always wake up for a while to take photos of this beautiful sight x

Ni Hao Kaohsiung, we finally met and our journey started here :)

Got our prepaid data card from 大哥大 before headed to Taichung. 
NT500 for unlimited data and some call time (only used it to contact our driver).
But the internet only worked well in city areas. It was tough to connect via personal hotspot (unable to connect most of the time) and usually didn't work in mountainous areas like Cingjing. 

Took the metro from the airport to Zuoying station before switching to HSR (NT790 for booked seats) to Taichung. 

Enjoying the bento set which costed only NT100.
Taste-wise, nothing fantastic but it was pretty enjoyable to have it during the hsr journey. :)

HSR's washroom which kind of looked like a blown-up version of an airplane's lavatory. 
Thankfully it was clean with toilet paper. One of my biggest pet peeves is squat cubicles and no toilet roll. Both together = /faint/

Hello Taichung!
Reached after an hour and went to wait for our driver.

Discussed about our itinerary in the vehicle and we decided to pop by our hotel to check in first and wash up before headed to other places.

Lobby of KUN hotel, our best hotel throughout the entire 8D7N :)

Oh yes, complimentary coffee and tea, oh yes.

My triple room with my two siblings. The room wasn't VERY spacious but definitely big enough for us. Furthermore, we only came back late at night. Given the affordable price and its prime location, i would say it's perfect which was why we ranked it the second best out of all the other accommodations throughout the journey. We paid SGD212 for two rooms - one double and one triple. 

Washed up and headed over to Gaomei Wetlands (高美湿地) as recommended by our driver. 

What more can i say? 

The scenery was breathtaking though, with windmills which were surprisingly beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, it was TOO cold for us to stay any longer to enjoy this view. I believe that sunset/sunrise there would be beyond beautiful. :')

Left the place shortly and went over to visit their local wet market.

Not a big difference from Singapore but it was an eye-opener to see how wet markets in TW are and how the vendors do business. 

Next Up: Yizhong Night Market (一中街夜市)

A huge cup of bubble tea which only costed SGD2, how fantastic!

My most favorite shop in Taiwan! 
And it's probably heaven for majority of the ladies.
Think skincare and cosmetics at cheaper prices and some brands/ products aren't available for sales in Singapore! 

Went in for less than an hour and spent NT2050 (around SGD93)! 
I was so happy to get the Bioderma micellar water (500ml) for only SGD20 :)

PS: I also went to the outlets at Taipei and Kaohsiung and bought even more stuff x 

Left after a while because it was getting late and we wanted to visit Fengjia night market 
(逢甲夜市) which was near our hotel.

Air brush tattoo shop at the night market.

Bought nothing but food at the night market HAHA :)
It was nice to walk around in the cool weather - no perspiration and urge to tie up my hair.

View that I woke up to the next morning.

Went down for breakfast before we set off to Taipei.

Spread was decent and i love it when they provide Heinz raspberry jam :)
But I have no idea why all the drinks which were from the coffee machine were all diluted.

Ready for Taipei!

Stopover at this flower garden on our way to TP.
Don't really fancy flowers and plants but it was definitely a place worthy of photos. And I mean LOTS of photos HAHA

Oh, and we spent NT10 to see ladies in bikinis. I actually thought it would be naked HAHA
I must say it's pretty creative & I wonder if any guys get jerked off by using this machine. OOPS

Ending this with my most favorite photo in this garden. x

Next post: Taipei for 3D2N


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