Saturday, 28 November 2015

2015 x 332/365

One more paper to go and I'm sort of mentally exhausted. On one hand, I want to go like fuck all this and just go in to the exam hall to take the paper without studying but on the other, i feel like i'm letting myself down if i were to just do that. Today is just one of those days whereby I lack motivation and want to sleep it away. 3 days more to temporary freedom of a month plus. Hang in tough x

A random change of subject. But do you know this feeling of doing this you hate? Like spending money when you have no choice? Eating food which you absolutely dislike but have no choice. It could be trivial things but I can't help feeling like shit. My heart bleeds whenever I think of it. My heart screams in protest whenever your face pops out. Sucks.
But honey, what can i do?

I vow to myself to save money because i'll spend a huge amount next month but unfortunately (haha) I'm into this sneakers craze recently. Love at first sight for this pair from Axel Arigato and i shall make it mine next year ;) 

Ok time to stop my verbal vomit

Till next time xx 

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