Wednesday, 4 November 2015

2015 x 308/365

I don't know how some people could be so tactless and insensible with their words/actions. People ought to know that their words and actions could affect someone else drastically. It's strange that we always tend to remember all the negative things in life though - negative things people said, hurtful things which others did to us. It's even more painful when it comes from people whom you treat as friends - maybe even good friends. While I understand that it could be their characters or it is simply the way they speak or even because they're so comfortable with you, I always feel that it's so so wrong to be tactless and speak mindlessly because you never know that your words are hurtful and people will remember for a long time. 
        Sometimes, I just wish to roll my eyes when I hear unthoughtful comments but I never fail to think: it's others' mouths, how can i control what they say? And then, things go back to square one - i have to tolerate all these bullshit again. I cannot control what they say but I can't help feeling hurt. I hate it when words which come out from OTHERS' mouths never fail to lower my self confidence and makes me think otherwise. It takes me a while to get over negative vibes and I would never want history to repeat itself. Ignoring negative comments is one thing - getting over them is another. It's never easy but i'm trying so fucking hard to get away from these fucktard people and their fucking dirty mouths. 
This just sparks off my thoughts because of a couple of people in my life who are so mindfucking insensitive. Dear YOU, please know that people can see when you rolled your eyes and make such comments! You do not even know the truth behind this.

I don't know if i'm being too sensitive or something but till today, I'm still feeling a tad bit upset. Time to fuck get over it.  

Ultimately, just be kind, because everyone is fighting their own battle everyday. Words are cheap but consequences are expensive. 

Time check: 02 26h. Random rants but it's time for bed x

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