Tuesday, 27 October 2015

2015 x 300/365

Oh how i miss this space!!

A self-declared OFF on Monday so we went to JB for some cheap shopping & massage x 

After the sort-of long journey, finally reached at lunch time and we decided to have Seoul Garden because it's only 10 bucks and it's buffet with refillable beverages, how awesome :')

The variety wasn't too bad for 10 bucks but the entire place was quite crowded & squeez-y due to the lunch crowd and I absolutely hated how the BBQ grilling pan tend to scald us every now and then. Prefer Mookata but for 10 bucks, YASSSS I would return when i feel like having buffet !

My most favorite person in this universe x

After lunch, we hang around in the mall and though our currency is so much stronger, things weren't THAT cheap either. In FOS, it used to sell 5 and 10 bucks clothing (not kidding) but everything is more than 20 bucks now. Like hello, isn't that FOS. Strange. I guess the pricing is more like our Bugis Street - just like how i got this vintage spectacles at around 14, which is bugis street price. 

IMO, services are much cheaper than clothes, shoes etc. Classic mani + pedi only cost 20+ but such a pity that i didn't manage to pamper my nails due to time constraint :( 

Left the mall at around 5ish for massage at Bangkok Spa!
They offer complimentary chauffeur services for customers from anywhere so we requested pick up from City Square Mall.

{Picture feat my ugly legs, 10 bucks Rubi shades and my inspired Proenza Schouler hahaha which I got  from TB 3 years back but didn't use it since forever, it shall be my new travel sling bag: purpose of the caption is to rekindle my love for this love-at-first-sight bag}

The vehicle is 11-seater so it was SO spacious for just.. 4 of us hahaha
Relaxing and comfy ride to the salon x 

Bangkok Spa. 

Jalan Abiad, Taman Pelangi, 80400, JB.

Was so blown away by their decoration. 100 marks for effort. 
So rustic, vintage and it feels like you've stepped into another world. 
& the entire place is huge. They take up 8 shop spaces I think.

But sadly, only 30 marks for massage and services. 
Customer service sucks, no greetings and the receptionist doesn't seem interested in her job. I did Thai full body massage & it was so-so, nothing fantastic, I would say Thai Odyssey was SO MUCH better despite it being double the price. The rest did foot massage and it was only so-so too.

PS/ For the price point, I would consider returning for an affordable pampering session. Only RM53 for 60 minutes full body massage, and RM91 with sauna + jacuzzi :)

There's complimentary chauffeur service to your destination after the massage too, so we went to KSL and I visited my first ever pasar malam in JB. Same as the one in BM and S'pore except that it was so much more crowded and everyone was just pushing around. But good exposure and i love all the street food :') 

Late dinner at this random Taiwan restaurant before we finally call it a day x

PS/ 65 days left to 2016. Where the crap did all the time go to?!?!

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