Saturday, 8 August 2015

2015 x 221/365


I don't deny that I was more excited for the show this year because it's SG50 (everything also SG50 oops) & for the fact that it'll be held at The Padang instead of the usual Floating Platform. I don't remember if I did watch the show at Padang previously though, maybe when I was in P5? 

Very much prefer the floating platform but nevertheless, the show was spectacular and I do love the fact that they incorporated so many new things as compared to previous shows. The air show was nothing short of amazing 

Like what one of mama's non-Singaporean friends mentioned, Singaporeans have every reason to celebrate on 9th August. While we do so, we should not forget those people who built this little place from scratch, from nothing to something today.

Though people say that this little dot is boring, too expensive to live in, has no freedom of speech, too many foreigners, speak our unique Singlish, I'm still proud to call this place my home. Always feeling proud & happiness whenever people from other countries praise Singapore. Whenever I'm in other countries, I'm secretly thankful that I'm born in Singapore & am a true blue Singaporean instead 

To have a home with a general high level of security (i can go home at 4AM & not worry at all), general clean public washrooms, To have a place where I can carry my tote bags & wear fanciful accessories without worrying, I'm very grateful. Singapore might not have everything, but whatever we have, I'm truly thankful. ♥ 

Happy Golden Jubilee, Singapore! 
To many more wonderful years of independence to come;
You'll always be in my heart x

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