Friday, 26 June 2015

2015 x 177/365

Snippets of my day trip to JB a couple of days back.
Didn't have time to go for pedicure (boo!) but I'm glad that I managed to go for full body massage @ Thai Odyssey :) 
Body had been aching ever since returning from +66 and the massage was much needed especially after standing for long hours for the entire week due to work. 
I'm quite surprised that the masseur was Thai! I thought they would be Malaysians since it's located at JB. Will try out other massage salons in future (Bangkok Spa was recommended by my friend) x 

Went for the usual San Lou beehoon for dinner but boy was it a great disappointment!
We decided to try the original outlet since we haven't been there before but oh well, I guess we will stick to her daughter's outlet in future.


Halfway through 2015 and I got to admit that June had been a roller coaster ride thus far. 
Sigh. Things have been weighing on my mind since a week ago.
This feeling really sucks but I've no idea what I should do. 
I guess I'm a person who needs closure - even if truth hurts



May July be better, x 

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