Sunday, 31 May 2015

2015 x 152/365

images Changi Airport, Singapore, Terminal 1

images Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand


images Happy 3 Hotel, Bangkok

First & last croissant in +66! 
HAHA too hungry while waiting for the other cab to reach before we checked in so ordered a croissant to share with Wy!

While they were in the midst of serious discussion, the missing two did what we do best..

Take selfie HAHAHAH. 

Group welfie before we set off WHOOP

images Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

Big heart for Chocolate Ville!
Such a lovely & beautiful place. 
The scenery made up for that 1h of car ride. :)
Would definitely visit again in future x 

images Platinum Mall Food Court

images Greyhound Cafe, Siam Paragon

images Mr Jones' Orphanage, Siam Paragon

images Chatuchak Weekend Market

images Talad Rod Fai

Had the most epic experience visiting Rod Fai. 
And i think it didn't come easy when we finally reached that train market for the first time.
Boarded a tuk tuk and the driver tried to cheat us of 1,000 baht which is around SGD40. Wtf?!
Initially, he claimed that he knew the new location of rod fai (it used to be behind Chatuchak) and the fare was supposed to be 250 baht. Halfway through the journey, he asked for the address again and said it was too far. AND demanded for 1000 WTS. 
We quickly alighted and only gave him 100 baht (he was angry about it but i think we were kind enough because honestly, i feel that he was just trying to cheat us since we were tourists) 

I guess the worst thing was, we were separated from the other group and i had no idea where their driver was bringing them to. In the end, he brought them to Chatuchak WTS. Thankfully there was this vintage market (JJ Green i think) & they shopped there while we continued to make our way to Rod Fai. HAHA die die must go there.

Decided to take the BTS to On Nut and took a cab there. 
Took us another 40 minutes before we finally reached the market.
Spent 2.5h on traveling and had to rush off after an hour because we were worried about our journey back. Thankfully we met an ethical driver (not so on the price but good that he brought us back to the hotel safely) whom drove us back for 350 baht. Expensive but we were thankful after all the drama. 

Now we learnt and took the cab from On Nut for our second visit. 
Went by meter and only costed us 100 odd baht. /cries/ 

images Random massage salon near our hotel

Really needed the massage after conquering both Chatuchak and Rod Fai in a day.
It's no joke but maybe I'm too old for this kind of intensive shopping spree HAHA.

images Soi 19 Wanton Mee

Kind of overrated in my honest opinion but I think I'll still visit whenever i'm in +66.
It's still nice and unique as compared to Singapore's version but the hype is too... exaggerated 

images Petite Audrey, Siam Paragon

Oh beautiful Audrey! 
Will be back to try their main courses because their cakes did not let us down x 

No matter how many times I've been to this city, i'll always be captured by its beauty and culture. Putting aside those unethical drivers and occasional rude encounters with people, it's a city which has so much more to give & for me to explore. 

It's temporary farewell, land of smiles x 
Be right back! 


PS. And i think I'll put in more effort in learning Thai. Maybe i'll speak fluent conversational Thai the next visit. ;)

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