Wednesday, 20 May 2015

2015 x 141/365

High tea at Anti:dote with the Queens the other day. 
The concept of drawer is super pretty & photo worthy - also the reason why we chose to try that ;)

We had both the Anti:dote and Oriental sets and I love both of 'em!
 The only difference between both sets was the starter and since we had both, we got to try the truffle egg and the dim sum. I can't really pinpoint which is better but i guess the dim sum is more worth it? (the Singaporean mindset oops)

LOVE the scones and the savory items on the first shelf of the drawer.
Not a big fan of the desserts because most of them were too sweet and I suppose we were really full from the food we ate before attacking the desserts.

Would probably return again for the ambiance and the pretty drawer which I thought it would make a nice accessories box, HAHA.

And and on a side note, I'm missin' the land of tom yum. 
It's been only two days since my return and I'm planning when I should go again to explore the different side of the beautiful city. Xx

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