Monday, 20 April 2015

2015 x 111/365

Our once-in-a-while cooking experience was.. indeed eventful, hahaha
Besides the obvious fact that our garlic bread was burnt and that the fries were from McDonald, I think we did pretty well. At least our tummies were filled and we went to bed not starving nor having tummy upset ;) 

So apparently our cooking inspiration came about when we were shopping at the supermarket. We went around and I got the spaghetti because I wanted to cook spaghetti with bolognese sauce since i can't rly cook my favorite aglio. Then I suddenly got inspired (wow!) and asked if we should cook ourselves dinner instead of just having take-aways like what we usually have. He thought it was a good idea and decided to get chicken fillet to grill (ambitious yknow)
I got to say we were pretty excited because we rarely cook HAHAHA we were even counting down to the hours to preparation wts 

Bro took charge of the chicken fillet and garlic bread while I took care of the spaghetti. ;) 
He placed and heated up the garlic bread in the oven and I literally shouted when I opened it to check. OMG HELLO BURNT LIAO. Had to cut away the burnt part before we ate it. 
He pan grilled (is this even the correct term?) the fillets after marinating them with a mixture of sauces. Not sure what kind of sauces he used, but I went along with it because obviously I've no idea what I should do with it. I thought we should use the deep fryer that Papa Lim got before CNY but we had no idea how to use that machine, haha poor us. End result: It was pretty yummy albeit being a tad bit salty! At least it's edible!

I guess it can't rly be called cooking for my part because i didn't exactly cook since everything was store bought. I heated up the Prego Tomato sauce (hahaha store bought, super nice!!) and boiled the spaghetti noodle, meatball and hotdog. Basically threw everything together and voila, done YAY proud of myself actually HAHAHAHAH!

I sent our masterpiece to Aunt Cheang and she said our dinner looked pathetic HAHAHA I thought otherwise though. It tasted pretty good and i had half the mind to cook the spaghetti again if we didn't have pizza. 

I guess it's not the food which matters the most but more of the bonding session I had with my favorite brother while we were cooking. It was fun experimenting with the food and also washing up together after cooking. We acted like we were in MasterChef and challenged each other but of course, no verdict. I love how we always never fail to have fun together despite our hectic workload. 
Cooking isn't my thing but I do love doing it with this brother of mine who's up for everything with me x

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