Thursday, 9 April 2015

2015 x 100/365

Went for a family staycation last weekend at RWS, Hotel Michael.
Pretty disappointed with their service considering that it's a 5 stars hotel.
Not sure of the service of their guest service agents because I wasn't there when they checked in.
However, the housekeeping staff took super long to deliver bath towels.
Not to mention that it took me quite a while to get through the line :(
Brownie point added only because he was quite friendly and polite. 

No bathtub and the floor tiles of the bathroom made us freak out -- badly. 
It was probably our issue because we hate the sort-of mosaic tiles though it was so-called the design of the room. :( 
Those tiles made us feel as though something is going to crawl out suddenly while we were taking a shower. OH AND ONE THING I COULDN'T ACCEPT WAS NO WIFI. I couldn't believe that wifi is chargeable even for their in-house guests. WTS.

Nevertheless, their beds were so comfortable and the air-con was blasting cold. :) Perfect for a night stay to rejuvenate and slack. :) 
And of course, quality time was well-spent with the Lim family 
We checked in in the afternoon and took a nap before we went off for dinner with the Gramps.
Honestly, we didn't want to leave the beds because they were so nice to cuddle in, Hahaha.
Ate and went back 'home' to slack even more before we hit the gym because we simply want to utilize all the facilities. ;) Even happier when we got the gym to ourselves. WHOOPS

Supper (what happened to the gym, oops..) before we call it a night. 
So tired that we didn't even have our usual rounds of cards.

Didn't go for a swim in the morning because we woke up late plus we intended to visit the waterpark. The weather looked rly gloomy but thankful that it didn't rain at all. 
We didn't get to try the slides because the queues were horribly long.
The only thing I enjoyed was the rainbow reef whereby we got to 'snorkel' and swim with the beautiful fishes. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL that i went for two rounds. I wished I had a GoPro so i could capture those beautiful creatures especially those yellow fishes. :)
Oh and I enjoyed turkey leg too hahaha was so happy to see it in the waterpark because we were thinking of getting into USS just to have it. Save the trouble oh yay :')

Ended our weekend adventure at Ruyi.

Till the next staycation!
Another hotel at RWS, maybe? x 

PS: I still prefer MBS. The room, service and everything else. 


Current obsession: 筷子兄弟 <父親>
I don't deny my queer taste in Music because everyone said so HAHA. Even mom said she feels as though I'm a 80 year old who listens to all these 老歌.
But i honestly love classic old Chinese songs.
I don't know how to appreciate loud and/or rock music like Uptown Funk and Bang Bang. Well I do listen to them once or twice since they're so popular but not to point of obsession.
And recently, I realized that I've been loving the China accent especially when they sing WTS.
Can't rly explain this in words but I especially like the way 肖央 pronounced 手掌 hahaha omg i don't understand myself too. BUT YES I JUST LOVE IT

And I quite like Leo Ku's rendition of this classic song. :)

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