Monday, 23 March 2015

2015 x 82/365

Today, I count my blessings even though things didn't go that well. 

It's Monday - the start of the week and as usual, I'll get my breakfast (coffee fix and wrap) before I get to the first class of the day. Late for class. & unfortunately, my friend's drink kind of spilled and dirtied my top and short. I was feeling really frustrated and annoyed because my clothes smelt like green tea (my friend got matcha latte) - very shitty because i hate green tea, much less the smell of it (bearing in mind that it smelt more horrible after a long day). Had no choice but to clean up the mess in the washroom. Went back to the class and received an anonymous message that my Ezlink card was with him. OMG I actually left my Ezlink card on top of the hair dryer. Quickly met him and took it back. 

Thank you so much, stranger. I really appreciate it :') Karma points for you! 

Albeit the stubborn headache the entire day, I'm really thankful that I got my Ezlink back.
I can't imagine all the trouble I've to go through to replace my Ezlink should i really misplace it. 

Just really got to jot this episode down to remind myself to be more careful in future and of course, to be thankful - always.


On a sad note, Singapore lost a great man today - our founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. #ThankYouLKY for building this country from scratch and Thank YOU, for everything you've done for US, for SINGAPORE. You'll be remembered. Rest in peace. 
[23 / 03 / 2015]

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