Thursday, 5 March 2015

2015 x 64/365

My humble little (ex) nest for around 6 months.
Moved out of hall in the beginning of February & honestly speaking, I didn't miss it. 
Not at all - which was quite surprisingly since i actually stayed there for quite a while.
I thought I would miss the convenience it brought me and of course, having my own room is what I always wished for since young.

Contrary to popular belief, staying in hall isn't as good/cool imo.
It actually made me miss home more. When i first got the room, I told myself that i'll only stay for two months (since i've paid the rent for two months) just to get the feel of staying in a school hostel. And obviously, it's my only chance to experience it right now. 

I can't exactly pinpoint the advantages of staying in hall because honestly, I didn't enjoy it much. Most of the time, I felt bored and sad instead. I faced all four walls whenever I ended school and ate almost the same food for dinner everyday since the canteen was under renovation plus I had myself to blame because I was too lazy to walk to other canteens. Looked forward to Thursdays the most (in semester 1) because it's "book out" day. :) I remembered that I will rush back to the room after I ended my Thai class so that i can pack and scoot home!! :) 

Whenever Mondays came, I felt so "sian" that i've to be "away" from home till the end of the week and the vicious cycle continued. It was horrible. I'm used to taking afternoon nap but I couldn't sleep well in hall. Skipping afternoon nap affected my productivity at night and caused me to be unable to concentrate on my work. :( Furthermore, I had issues sleeping at night and always waking up much earlier than my alarm. 

Another issue I had was the communal washroom. Sucks. 
I know it's inevitable but it's so dirty that I dreaded showering or simply just brushing my teeth. It used to be so clean when I first moved in, since it's a new hall, but as time goes by, it became so filthy. 

To be fair, staying in hall did bring me convenience especially when I had morning lessons. 
I could sleep in till 830am for 930am lesson (and evidently, late for class) and also having a place to rest during long break. And without doubt, a lot of "me time" since I stayed in single room. OH one more thing which I absolutely loved was the GYM. I could just hit the gym after class for a short workout and go back up for a shower before I start on my work - PERFECT plan

Sadly, all the so-called advantages didn't outweigh the cons though. 
I was way earlier for morning classes as compared to when I stayed in hall. The irony. And of course, being able to plan for TT helps a lot. Out of 3 school days this semester, I only have one morning lecture. Traveling to school isn't an issue since I don't stay THAT far. Besides that, my TT doesn't require me to stay in hall. 

Money issues. It's such a waste especially when I do not stay over the weekends. During the December vacation, I had to pay for one month rental when i didn't even stay a single day. Byebye, my money. Not to mention that I had to clean up cobwebs and kill A LOT of ants when I went back to clear before school started. 

After moving back home, it dawned on me that i should have moved out long ago. It was most comfortable at home and best part - i'm able to sleep well. I could never really understand people who told me how much they love about hall - just as how they couldn't understand my decision of moving out. But thankfully I remembered a friend who withdrew as well during his uni days. At least I know I'm normal hahaha. 

Despite all the negativity, I will keep this experience close to my heart since it's part of my undergraduate life and i know that i'll never get this experience somewhere else. :) 

Home is where my heart is - with my family.

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