Tuesday, 24 February 2015

2015 x 56/365

/inserts goat emoji/

MY FAVORITE FESTIVAL EVER!! It's something I look forward to every single year x
CNY has always been a quiet and simple affair if we don't return to celebrate with my maternal family or if they don't visit us here. We are always excited for CNY eve because we get to have reunion dinner & ALL our favorite food at one go. As usual, we will always have steamboat because that's what we love and we could eat all night & play our cards at the same time. x 

初一 is to visit the gramps and that's our ONLY activity if we aren't going overseas. On a side note, i truly think Grandma Lim makes the BEST EVER ngoh hiang. I have tried ngoh hiang from a lot of places but none could beat hers. Her ngoh hiang wins hands down. Be it steamed or fried, both are equally nice but sadly, my Daddy Lim can't seem to make the same. Maybe I'll learn it, one day

 My CNY sounds really "boring" but we absolutely love the simplicity of it and of course, all the nice food we had for the past 4 days. ;) Not just the food, but the family warmth of having meals together and laughing heartily at every single thing. Even ate McDonald for supper while we had our daily CNY affair - CARDS. It's so lovely to spend so much quality time with them because usually, we only have it once a week when Daddy Lim has his off day. 

So sad that the 4 days passed too quickly and we are back to reality too soon. It's so nice to be a sloth and do NOTHING during CNY. My daily routine is to wake up -> eat -> cards/TV -> nap -> eat -> cards/TV -> sleep and the cycle repeats (which also explains the many pictures of food) x 
I love life like this, idle around and do nothing. But I guess it's back to life -- school and what's not. 

As I grow older, I came to realize that CNY is no longer about the ang baos and money but more of re-charging during this break & most importantly, spending quality time with people I love. 
In this CNY, I also feel thankful to receive the sweetest greeting messages - not those chain messages but those which are simple and sincere, even from people whom I rarely talk to.
 I can't wait for the next CNY already oops xxx

Now, besides writing my essays, I got to burn those fats. So much for being a sloth but i know it's worth it :) 

Lots of love xx

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