Saturday, 14 February 2015

2015 x 46/365

Friday was a day out with my dearest Mama Lim.
Initially I wanted to abort plan because I had a couple of deadlines next week but I thought it could be wasted because I've not spent any quality time with her ever since school started plus I've yet to get my CNY clothes (not that i wear new clothes every year but no harm trying my luck x)

The day turned out to be really well.
We hopped over to CBTL for some breakfast before the shopping began.
Only spent 8 bucks on 2 sets of breakfast because we got this deal from Qoo10 - so worth it ;)
Shopped around orchard area and got a couple of stuff but unfortunately, none of the clothes are suitable for 初一。HAHAHA. Cotton On is pretty generous to give out 20% off card for next purchase yay! Time to go for more shopping after CNY! 

Went over to People's Park wanting to try this brand of Bak Kwa but it was sold out :(
Thankfully they were nice enough to let us have a sample piece and even more thankful that we didn't get it because we thought that Lim Chee Guan & Chai Ho taste way much nicer.
Next to our favorite shop - Swanstons.
I wonder how they priced their items at such low price though. It's a good place to go for cheaper skincare products and daily necessities like panty liners (tmi) and toiletries. :D

Ended off with dinner at Chinatown. Albeit the CNY vibes, it was too crowded for me and I was feeling so angsty by then. I guess i'm better off staying at home HAHA.

Mama is my best companion because she's forever understanding and we could chat about anything under the sun, x. Of course, not to mention, we always have a lot of good food ;)

CNY next week and I'm very hyped!

Now I shall be head back to my notes. :(

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