Monday, 9 February 2015

2015 x 40/365

Snippets of my life in January & half of February!

January flew past in the blink of an eye and now we are into Day 40 of 365. WHAT?!
Everyday I'll ask myself where exactly all the time went to. Life has been pretty mundane in the first month of 2015. School has started in the second week and my life routine has been almost the same everyday. 

Tried Eggs & Berries for the first time and it's pretty decent considering the affordable price!
We had the set dinner which came with the soup, main course, side dish & free flow of ice lemon tea for only 10 bucks. The service is good too! Server even asked for the feedback of the quality of the food. Though it could be just for show (which is exactly what my previous workplace did, hahaha), well at least they bothered to put up the show. HAHA what in the world am i talking about. 
We also had the most epic night thinking that we are some secret agents or detectives, requesting to sit at some "private corner " of the cafe and chat till they have to close. We had to constantly check on our surroundings to ensure that "walls" didn't have ears. HAHA.

Also virgin visit to Pitch-stop though I've been studying in NTU for slightly more than 6 months. It was surprisingly good! Didn't thought a cafe situated in a school would be that good. Heard their tomyum pasta is awesome but they discontinued it :( Hope they'll bring it back soon! 

Mookata with the poly clique on one of the Saturday evenings at Happy Mookata! Love it after my first try last year. Everything about them is good except that it's too humid. Singapore's weather isn't exactly good yet Happy Mookata has no air-con, making it MORE humid. But of course, good food and great companion made up for everything. Can't wait for our travel plan to materialize xx 

Highlight of February besides CNY (which is in two weeks) is Papa Lim's birthday!
Another highlight is probably my moving out of hall but I shall save that for another post because i want to have one post to.. (for the lack of a better word) commemorate my stay HAHA.
Ordered Citrine Rhapsody from The Patissier for advanced celebration and also our first Yusheng of the year! Papa is a Yusheng-kind-of-person (i know, what a description) so we wanted to surprise him with something he loves! 生日快乐,林爹地! It was an epic Sunday because I wanted to surprise Papa with a special dinner yet I got surprised by the parents instead! Long long story but I got to say I'm very touched :) :)

Oops damn, my notes are all printed in the wrong sequence!! Got to go settle it
Random note: Super excited for CNY for it's my favorite annual affair!!

Till next time, x.

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