Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015 x 11/365

A typical day at JB would start at City Square Mall, maybe have a scoop of Baskin Robbins and then cab over to Ah Hua Kuay Teow for lunch. Ah Hua Kuay Teow used to be at this old shophouse which had no air-con and had a lack of ventilation. Yummy food but bad environment. Now, they've a new place near KSL (yay!) which is so much cleaner and have air-con. Usually we will order the dry version with their special chili sauce and pork lard & their fishcake. What's better in that kind of weather is Ice Ai-yu - will never miss that order :)

After a filling lunch, we will walk over to KSL and spend half a day there. We will eat, shop   
-on repeat- and spend some time pampering our nails (or rather, mine.) I did classic manicure and pedicure at Pretty Cure for SGD20. Pretty Cure is my usual nails place because not only it's cheap, they've wifi and massage chairs as well! :) It's such a bonus because i can have my neck and back massage while the manicurists pamper my nails :D
I hope they're opened near CNY period so I can have another round of nails therapy for pretty red nails xx 

We chanced upon Thai Odyssey, a Thai massage palor. Their 2h full body massage is only at SGD50, so worth it! Read good reviews about them online. It's such a pity we didn't have time to pamper ourselves :( 
Can't wait for next visit \
Apparently they've an outlet at harborfront but i've not heard of them previously. 

Tea break after nails therapy. Had D'laksa at the basement of KSL which is recommended by Wy!!
For anti-laksa people like me, I do find it good and Mama LOVES it! 
Thank you Wy, if you ever read this ♥ 
Also tried Ice Kachang and 3-layers tea right outside Pretty Cure \ 

Shopped again after tea and ended with getting facial masks for RM1 per piece.
Yet to try though. I hope I don't get breakouts from the masks. 

We will end our mini trip with San Lou Beehoon - always
Cabbed over and take-away before we went over to the checkpoint. 
Good thing it's a weekday so there isn't any traffic jam. 

There, back to sunny island x 

PS. I think shopping in JB is quite a disappointment because even with the good exchange rate, their prices also increase at the same time. Damn. I can't believe one pair of pearl earrings costed RM50 when I only got it for 5 bucks SGD. I still prefer Taobao and BKK :D 
But good food at JB makes up for everything! I miss food in Penang :(

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