Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Second visit to Batam - but with The Family this time round.
It was so random that I chanced upon this deal one evening and I asked mom if she would like to go on a 2D1N to Batam. Bought the deal that same night without consulting Papa because he was overseas. Finally settled on a date whereby I ended my event work and The Sister ended her internship.

Off we go for a mini getaway last weekend!
Reached Sekupang Terminal at around 930AM and went to gather with the tour guide.
On a side note, I DO NOT recommend Sindo Ferry because the seats were so uncomfortable. :(

Went for a city tour covering places like Chocolate House (don't bother going), Kueh Lapis factory, Laughing Buddha Temple, Local Dry Food market and outlet shops. Oh and we even had a few rounds of Go Kart which was such an awesome experience! My only experience with Go Kart was the one at Sentosa but it's incomparable!!! I was more afraid of the sand entering my eyes so I had my cyclops shades on the entire time. Finally it was lunch time at Sari Bumbu, lunch buffet! The smallest buffet I've ever seen but not too bad, was quite decent. We drove past some squatter houses which i didn't get to take pictures of :( 

Reached the hotel (Nagoya Mansion) at around 3PM but we were told that we cannot check in till 1.5h later omg. 
It's my first (and hopefully, last) time having late check in because of whatsoever reasons, which the staff did not even bother explaining. The tour guide even said there's nothing she could do, and OTHER hotels also have the same issues. LIKE NO WTF?! I've never met such a problem. Bet they've some overbooking problems. I guess I would not be that pissed if they apologize and give me some stupid explanation. But they simply stared at me with the "there's-nothing-we-could-do" face. So we left our luggage with them and walked over to Nagoya Hill for some shopping to kill time. 

Nagoya Hill is around 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Not very far but not very near either. Shopped at the hypermart and got a load of daily necessities :) Things are much cheaper there. Even Magnum ice cream is so so cheap. I can't believe their Marlboro only costed 1+?! Singapore is 10x more! Wanted to hang around the mall but Papa wanted to check in earlier to catch some sleep before dinner at 6PM. Poor soul who didn't sleep the entire night because he was on night shift :( 

Took a quick shower before we met the rest for our seafood dinner at Wey Wey. I think it was a rip-off because it was SGD18/pax for a 7-course dinner. Not THAT expensive but apprently I read some blog reviews that they only spent SGD10/pax for the same amount of food, with crabs too. But can't blame anyone because we went with the tour guide which i suppose a part of the cost went to her and the driver. Fair enough, since the food was pretty decent. Except there's this stench which came from the sea/rubbish. Not very pleasant. But I would still visit it again to try their other dishes. 
Smell 0 - Food 1 

Got the driver to drop us at Nagoya Hill since it was still early after dinner. Hypermart, again. Explored the entire mall and their restaurants are dirt cheap. One bowl of noodles at 50 cents. One pasta set with drink at 2 bucks. Will definitely try it the next visit! Ended the night with A&W before The Brother and I went for our foot massage. SGD19 for 60mins. Not too bad except that she isn't strong enough imo while The Brother thought it's quite painful. Went back to the room at midnight for a few rounds of Poker before we called it a night.

Woke up the next morning at 7AM for breakfast because we wanted to do more shopping before we leave for the terminal! Not a very awesome spread but i guess it's decent. Batam View had food that's way nicer!!! Chilled till 10AM and we left for the mall! Last round of hypermart (yes, AGAIN) and i went to get more eyelash curlers at 50 cents HAHAHA. I hope my eyelash doesn't fall off. 

We were still full but how could we return back to SG without having waffles from A&W?!
Honestly it isn't that fantastic but I think it's sort of a must to have it because we don't have it here. Everything plus RB Float for approx 8 bucks. 

Rushed back after eating and checked out at 1PM. Requested for late check out because they owed it to us!! For making us wait 1.5h to check in \

Last meal at Batam (at Sekupang) before we return back home.
The WORST ever Ayam Penyet. 
The rice was horrible, chicken was horrible, tofu was horrible, whole plate was horrible. 
I miss NTU's!!!

\ Hello, my dearest Singapore! 

Though it isn't a place to do sightseeing nor shopping, it's wonderful to spend some quality time with The Family. Great blessing to be with people you love and also love you for who you're, without judging. They're the ones who will never leave you behind xx

I can't believe The Parents are planning a trip there next year.
Till next time, see you Batam! x

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