Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Dearest you;

You are probably the only one whom i can totally be myself, talk about anything and anyone under the sun, gossip about this person and that person without anyone judging, not afraid that you'll tell others my personal stuff or even, secrets. You're probably the next person after my mom whom i'll confide in. I'm not sure if I feel disappointed or upset or simply, tired. Tired of the same thing happening every meet up, yet I blame myself. I hate myself for being such a timid person, afraid to tell you what I am feeling. I hate myself for being so petty. I thought I could be understanding, but i guess I overestimated myself. I treasure our friendship beyond words, but i'm not sure what I should do now. I had wanted so much to hug you when we part ways, I had wanted so much to ask you for dinner, or to queue for Llao. I had wanted very much to ask if you want to have CCF when you brought it up. But I.. I hate myself for using silence and nods to escape from this, I regret, I really do. 

And lastly, I'm really sorry.

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