Thursday, 27 November 2014


FINALLY my TB parcel arrived after slightly less than a month.
It's, by far, my most exciting parcel /laughs/
Usually I'll ship via economy air but due to it being food product, had to ship via sea instead.
Last TB purchase was so long ago, primarily due to the fact that I'm too lazy to use Google Translate. It's pretty tedious to shop on TB imo unless you're rly good in reading Chinese characters. 
What's more, there are TONS & TONS of shops selling the same item so got to compare prices, shipping fees, read reviews and the owner's reputation. Worst than Gmarket.
#woesoftaobao But I guess the cheap price makes up for it! 
To be frank, when you like something from online stores, most likely you'll find similar items on TB :) That is if you don't mind waiting time. 

OKAY back to the parcel.
Had always wanted to ship this instant pasta ever since I came back from Wuhan a year ago. 
But, you know, China.. I was afraid that I would die after eating it. #notkidding
Thinking back of it, it's quite retarded since I ate in China back then, isn't it?!
So one day when I was studying (forever impulsive during studying), decided to just do it and ship 5 packets back. 
Quite surprised because the price is pretty decent, given that it's 中国 -> 新加坡。
Of course, not comparing with the price when we got in Wuhan if not it would be exorbitant.
No matter what, YAY!!!! I'm having it for lunch tomorrow x  

Shall now consider getting this drink - my favorite back then, xo.

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