Monday, 17 November 2014


imagesMarina Bay Sands, Singapore.

HAHAH, okay, finals are still finals. 

Virgin Staycation: Checked 

Went for Singapore Art Book Fair in the morning before meeting the family. 
It's a fair which I never imagine myself to go but i guess the inner -Lit- side of me got unleashed and i decided to go for it. Brought two novels after much contemplation so they're my companion after exams x
Since it was still early, had my tart and tea before going over to MBS. 

Checked in in the afternoon and I seriously love love love the service. :) 
Very thankful that it's VIP registration hence there isn't any queue because the counters outside had unbelievably long queues. Like, I was totally bummed.
The guest service agent is super love & got a complimentary upgrade with city view together with extended check-out. Not to mention that he's cute
Chilled in the room and wanted to visit the Sky Park but the rain spoilt our plans.
So we decided to go for early dinner instead. Went back 'home' for a nice hot bubble bath before going over to infinity pool. Regretted not bringing over the monopod :( Stayed for a good one hour before getting supper and enjoying it on the comfy bed. Life could be good this way.

 A good night sleep despite dreaming of my Thai exam. Damn, it was so horrible. I hope dreams are opposite of reality, okay?
Headed over to the pool yet again to snap some pictures before checking out. The most embarrassing part was when I had to walk from Tower 3 to 1 in my BATH ROBE. Omg, I was so embarrassed. But other than that, the stay is absolutely pleasant and relaxing. Can't wait for the next staycation there x 
Probably garden view the next time? 

I realized staycation is a nice way to relax before final exam. And it's quite a good idea if there isn't time to travel. Thankfully reading novels is part of my 'study plan' so i get to study while looking over our beautiful city.

Now that staycation is over & short getaway in December booked (yay), it's time to go back to reality and hit the books. This sucks but it'll be over next week. 

Fighting hard. Hang tough.

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