Monday, 27 October 2014


Time Check - 1:40AM

It's another night of battling negativity for nobody-knows-why and doing the final touch for submission tomorrow. It's so hard being sad for no reason at all. Pretty satisfied that i didn't give in to my shows nor my bed and my essay is 98% completed. I'm so happy the radio is always playing my favorite songs whenever I'm rushing my work. Kind of gave in to internet and research on a place for Mom's  birthday dinner. Think I might have found an ideal place. <3

On a side note, damn, October is coming to an end soon. 65 more days to 2015. Where did all the days go to? I thought I just went for Halloween but it's been 3 weeks and I thought I just had BBQ with the loveliest people but it's been 2 weeks. Gosh? I wonder if i'm catching up with life.

Nevertheless, received a good news. Yay to staycation! 

Hang tough, Thursday is coming!

Till then xx

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