Sunday, 5 October 2014


Virgin Halloween experience with 1/2 the clique. 
A pity the rest of the girls couldn't join us but we had a lot of fun (and scary) moments!
Hopefully it's full strength for our bbq gathering xx

1920h \\ Entered USS and waited for the opening! I thought it'll be more fun if we had went in earlier and stood in front to watch the entire 'protest' ;)

1930h \\  Opening Scaremony with the Minister of Evil flying into the air.
Couldn't really see anything live except from the TV screen. It was so so crowded and I was perspiring like mad, i kid you not! 

Finally the gate opened and we were off to the attractions! :D

I think the highlight of the trip was the TURKEY LEG and CHURROS!!!!
hahaha #greedypigisme
I'll always miss the turkey leg from USS :( 

My favorite (and most scariest imo) is MATI CAMP!
All the cannibalism and what's not was just gruesome and scary!
And speaking of scary, can't rly leave out Mummy ride. 
I've no idea why the more i ride it, the more i'm scared, damn!
I'll never miss the ride though i'm forever whining how scared I am. ;) 

0030h \\ Ended the night and headed home to KO!
Should consider booking a room next year /yay may it be a yearly affair 


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