Monday, 29 September 2014


And so, I turned 21 officially last week.

At 21, i began a new chapter in life -- my undergraduate journey.
It's been slightly more than two months and I got to say it hasn't been smooth sailing. 
It's similar yet different from poly so there's still a lot to adapt. 
One for sure is to be more independent. 

At 21, i've also come round to an important fact; that nobody will put us as one of their priorities except for our family members. and by family members, i mean those related by blood.
It's the harsh reality, but i guess i'm slowly accepting it. To be honest, I've once been so upset and disappointed but i realized nobody is obliged to do so and it's just me being silly because i thought everyone would care. Then again, they've themselves to care about, their own problems to handle. So the most important thing is to love ourselves and our family. Ohana, they're the ones who will never leave.

It's recess week = catch up week. 
A lot to catch up on and i'm still taking things slowly, but i'm sure i'll get there. 

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