Friday, 19 September 2014


I can't believe how time flies.
Last week on this day, I was pretty much excited for a mini getaway with the clique. 
Off to Batam for 2D1N, and we were back on Sunday evening.
So glad we stayed for one night instead of a day trip. :D

Though there weren't many activities to do at the resort (damn, no parasailing, why oh why), we still had fun tryin' out paddle & banana boat. I think we burned our fats paddling and screaming our lungs out on the banana boat. But boy, was it fun! I would totally go for it again! 

Nagoya mall was nothing short of amazing with A&W around. I've never thought i would spend close to 100 bucks at the mall. Everything cheap cheap y'know, reminds me of bkk  Dinner at A&W and spent a good 3-4 hours shopping around and getting daily necessities at the hyper mart /auntie mode. We had our fun (and embarrassing) moments pleading with the hotel staff to fetch us to the terminal to pick up our dear Ting, paging for our friends at the information counter whom we -unfortunately- separated our ways with, calling for room service in the middle of the night, searching high and low for the missing blanket (ended up at the guardhouse behind our resort zz) and etc.

We basically did nothing on the second day, ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant (good spread, i would say!), rested on our comfortable beds for a couple of hours, washed up, watched John (JACK /god, can't believe i wrote John, thanks weiwei if you ever read this!) the Giant Slayer (damn thrilling!) before we checked out at 230pm. And /yay/ went for 2 hours of K before we left for the terminal. 

Our second trip together, first being OIP. And it's actually my third trip with F & Ting. It's really nice to be with people whom you can totally be yourself, not caring about your image and you know you could tease one another because nobody wouldn't get offended. Thankful for them 

And i think one day if i feel so tired & restless, i would just book my tickets to Batam and chill at the resort for one night before i head back to the bustle city, x. 

On a side note,
BBQ -- I can't wait x 

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