Thursday, 28 August 2014


Been almost a week since the last event of the year (excludes AGI, that is.) 
It's been a really long and tiring journey albeit being the most fufilling project thus far. 
Being together with this without-blood-ties-family always remind me of the reason why i chose to 'sign on' four years back. Wow, a good 9 years in this family. Sometimes, i'm truly grateful that i didn't quit nor give up back in sec 1. Maybe it's fate after all. I can never imagine life without meeting this family. On a side note, watching Rookies' Diary always remind me of SJAB. The unity, the teamwork, the training, the laughter among the hardship. Especially Episode 37 & 39 (i'll never forget) which earns my tears and smiles every single time i watch it /sobs

Every project is never easy especially with the long planning and liaising, and ABNCO is not an exception. Nobody except those involved will understand. I remember we started planning in the beginning of this year and the 'project' kicked off in late May. Months of planning just for an enriching 3d2n camp together with a successful passing out parade for my second batch of trainees. First, being in 2010. I think we did pretty good given that we only had 1.5 days of training. The weather was having mercy on us /blessed. No sun during the parade and it rained right after the last command. This year was so different as compared to 2010. Though there were inevitable hiccups, I've learnt so much more not in terms of skills but more of interpersonal relationships and handling operations. Being on the ground all the time makes me feel like everything is worth it at the end of the day, which is probably why I'm never the admin person. To be honest, I suck so much at admin. I've no idea why i can't get all the attendance issues right (same goes for Gemfields /LOL). 

All in all, i'm thankful for the past few months, especially for an extremely good mentor who taught me so much along the way. :D
For now, 3 months break before the cycle continues. 


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