Monday, 28 July 2014


Just have the urge to pen down these thoughts. Currently watching Triumph in the Skies II which I kind of abandoned a couple of months back after watching three episodes. I forgot the reason why I stopped watching, out of a sudden. But I was pretty much hooked on the show after watching one episode on the plane, when I was flying to Bangkok and vice versa. So, there I go, watching it till wee hours, can't bear to go to bed. Totally reminiscing those younger days whereby I went without sleep for a few days to complete Taiwan Idol drama (ahh those days).

But anyway, that's totally not the point. I watched the episode which showed the married couple (a pilot and air stewardess) deciding to go for divorce simply because.. the passion is gone. I was a little bewildered. In the show, nothing happened -- no third party, no quarrels, no fights. It was simply, the passion is gone. The wife did not feel jealous nor upset when she saw him with his ex-girlfriend, arm in arm, walking down the streets. They tried so hard to make it work out, even to the extent of wanting a child (they're childless). But they were rational enough to see that it wouldn't solve the problem. They no longer love each other as husband and wife, but more like a kinship/family kind of love. Though it's just a show, i can't help but to feel a tinge of sadness because i'm sure it happens in real life as well. It probably takes two hands to clap but sometimes, maybe (just maybe) splitting amicably could be good as well.

This actually made me think through. How many couples can love each other for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and even till the end of the world, just like what they vowed during their wedding? They vowed to love each other, be by their side, through the worst and the best, for richer, for poorer and in sickness and in health. But how many actually keep their promise? Can passion be really gone? Mom said after so many years of marriage, there's something to keep them going on but it's certainly not that kind of love, like what youngsters feel. Missing the other party after one hour of not seeing them, chit chatting on the phone and not wanting to hang up. It's no longer that way. But why? Shouldn't be marriage be this way? Loving the other party just like the way you did when you're dating. Loving the other party till all your teeth drop, till your hair turns white, till the last breath. That kind of passionate love. Does it really end after a long time? Can we love the other half, like always? How do couples maintain their marriage (and love) after 20 years, 30 years, 40 years & 50 years?

Or rather, the question is -- why do people say the passion is gone when they're so sure of their other half that they're The One during dating? What happened to The One?

Am I in a fairytale of my own world, or Am i not facing the reality?
Love, can it be forever? Or does it fade with time?

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