Thursday, 24 July 2014


OHANA means family, 

and family means nobody get left behind.


Every now and then, I read back on past posts and realized how much I miss those good old days. 
Days in poly, days in Wuhan, days in Saint John, days in a foreign land, days with everyone else.
I would always wonder how great it would be, if i could turn back time. Probably this is a sign that age is catching up as well. 
i no longer am able to finish a book in one to two days, no longer am able to complete a drama serial in three to four days and sacrifice my sleep. At this age, all i want is some quality time with family and those who matter. May sound silly since I'm only 20 (and a half) years old but really, that's all i want. Some occasional drama would be good as well.

And of course, to think about how life would be in another 4 years. What's in store for me in the future? 
Maybe, thinking about the present would be more realistic. -- new life in another 10 days. 

Am i ready?

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