Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Officially graduated from NP on Day 148 of the year.

The poly journey wasn't a bed of roses especially during Year 1.
Taking a total of 4 years to get my diploma instead of the usual 3. 
I remember sitting in the director's office with my mom, the scene is still so vivid in my mind though it was in 2010. I had to make a decision - a decision which will affect my life.
But I will never regret it -- the decision I made three years back though i wasn't certain at that time if things will turn out better.
People say pictures speak a thousand words so I shan't say much. 
Whatever it is, I'll always be grateful to my family, & friends who care and stood by me when times were tough. Most importantly, the 5 girls who played an important role in my poly life, those days with them are gold & i'll always remember those times x

Now a diploma graduate and a new journey ahead in another... two months. 


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