Monday, 26 May 2014


"Dear you, remember the first time we met? We should have met years ago but both of us didn't know. It was like, we crossed path yet we didn't know each other's existence. Your existence; funny how fate works. We met again and i'm glad that this time round, we know each other. I remembered the first time I saw you, and weird enough that I can remember what you wore then. You didn't talk. I don't remember how it all happened. Was it a message? I used to think nothing of it. And the day when we first went out together, but not for work purpose. I don't remember exactly how did it all start. Was it the habit? Was it this, was it that? I don't know. 

I admit I was disappointed that night. I was so tired but i could't sleep till I receive that reply from you. You don't know how much I cried, but boy, was I glad it was all nothing -- I was so relieved. I wiped away my tears for i know it's me being stupid.
But now, i have to remember that it's not impossible. No matter how much i wish to see you, I have to control myself. Maybe it's a habit? I don't know. But i do know that i've to kick it away. I can only remember those good times and everything else. I can't do this or I chose not to? I am not sure but i do know that i miss you every now and then. You made me go back to Twitter for I've so much thoughts to rant. You became the reason why i chose to hold on, why i might make that decision. You became the reason why I am in such a dilemma. You became the reason why I was so happy when I received that email.

 I can't list the reasons why i feel this way towards you, for i don't know either. Peace "

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