Thursday, 8 May 2014


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It's really weird but I tend to feel closer to people who call me 'Char'
Whenever people ask me for a favor AND they call me that, I don't know why but i always feel obliged to help them..
Rly weird, I know. But it's true. 
Just the other day, a friend whom i got to know not long ago called me that and asked for a favor. 
Of course I would also help under normal circumstances but I felt much more obliged this time round. 
That's when I know that's sort of my 'weak point' -- in a way or so. 

Ironic thing is, in the past, I used to dislike it whenever people whom I just got to know call me that.
I felt as if they're trying to ’乱认亲戚‘ LOL
Anal & ridiculous on my part la, but I USED TO feel that way.
Till recently when I realized that I prefer it because it feels closer and more friendly this way. :) 

Life isn't exactly great now, but i'm contented. What more can i ask for x
Productive week, but I'm so tired, physically & mentally, I shall tuck in 



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