Sunday, 4 May 2014


Various primary schools in Singapore
Road Safety Council x Volvo East Asia

Because everything looks better in black & white and ending off with a red.. flower? 

Finally ended another event and it was probably the best event I've ever worked for thus far. Like seriously, EVERYONE was so nice & friendly -- staff from the various schools, NPCC and even the photographer lol.
Of course, my colleagues and superiors as well. :D
Honestly, it's so hard to even find companies or supervisors who are kind to PTimers, who take care of our welfare and also listen to our opinions. It's really good working with people who are nice & superiors who treat PTimers equally well as if we are one family. it's amazing to work with a supportive team who helped one another :) 
As I'm typing, I'm smiling to myself and feeling blessed to work with the loveliest people for the past week. :) 
May all upcoming event jobs be as great or even better. xxx

Great company: Checked
Awesome working partners: Checked
Good job scope/environment: Checked
Staff welfare: Checked

Though I had to travel all the way to the East for a couple of days, I'm very willing because I felt so happy working with them and bringing all the kids around. The sense of satisfactory when I see the kids being happy & jumping around with joy, and also having lunch & chit chatting with colleagues after work.
Small little things but these are the reasons #whyiloveventjobs
Sometimes, it's not only the pay that matters but people we work with and the environment we are in. 

Speaking of event jobs, I think this event is to make it up for the WORST event I had a couple of weeks ago. Not that I bear grudges, but i'll not forget that bitch-who-wears-braces face. No offense to those wearing braces, not against braces at all. It's just BOTH OF THEM. Working with them for only 4h made my blood boil. I thought I could understand her fucked up attitude since she's from an event company (not stereotyping please) but her attitude throughout the entire time was horrible and the way she talked to us was so nasty. Not only that, she's so rigid in her working methods. Just feel like throwing all the papers in her bitch face. C'mon bitch, you aren't the only one in events or hotel industry -.- Thankful for J who listened and was there with me the whole time. First and last time working with her & her company. Now I am thankful that we didn't take it up, the whole company will just test our patience. 

Back to happy things. 
Just received an email and I'm excited for June!! Refreshing my email every now and then hoping to receive the reply, haha. Hopefully things are the same as 2012, especially the bosses hahaha. Now I can put my basic conversational French in good use /runs off to practice now

Spending the weekend like a sloth at home, paying back sleep debt and completing all the long overdue work. 
Now, I'm off to complete the Ops plan so  that I can be done for the night. (:


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