Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Visited The Bravery Cafe for late lunch with the girls. 
Wasn't that hard to find though we walked a distance from the MRT station.
Had the beef steak ciabatta & i thought it was pretty tasty.
The lavender latte was mediocre though!
Only had a few sips and I turned to the plain lemon water instead. 
Felt like I threw money into the sea, sigh
Ordered that because there were positive reviews online. I guess the problem lies with me then. 
Should have chose other drinks instead. :(

Overall, everything was good but i wouldn't return anytime soon. 
Music was too loud and the ambiance wasn't cozy at all in my opinion.
Food was tasty but nothing impressive. Would love to try the pancake stack though!
But it was definitely a great catch up with them x 

Walked over to Butter Studio after lunch to satisfy our sweet cravings :) 
Though the mud pie looked unappetizing, it was absolutely yummy!
For anti-chocolate people like yours truly, it was 真的好吃!!!
And I wasn't the only one praising it, even F & SH felt that it's good!!
i think it would have tasted better if it's warmer but we had to take LOTS of pictures hence explained why it was not warm enough hahaha. Maybe next time will get the server to heat it up again after snapping photos!  ;)

It was nice just sitting there, taking pictures and chatting/gossiping about everything under the sun. Amazing how some people can be our hot topics every single time, i hope they're honored!
Best part was, there weren't a lot of customers around. Probably only 1 - 2 tables.
Can't wait to explore more cafes with them! So awesome to have cafe pals who are willing to travel to go on food hunts together 

The next day, I had to wake up early for interview. The sun was scorching hot!!!
And it didn't help that I was in blazer -.-
I think it was the longest interview I ever had. Wish that I would receive positive outcome soon 
/fingers crossed

The day when I went for a job briefing. I think it's the first time I traveled to Bukit Merah. Sat till my butt hurts.
Received the schedule earlier on & i'm so glad the clique is going to teach this term (: 
So happy to get the afternoon slot haha! Can't wait to share the experience x 
I'm really excited & thankful for all the job opportunities! Also really glad to meet new people and even made new friends! Really can't believe how amazing we click together on the first day! May everything go well xx
I have been slacking for a month plus now & it's time to start cracking!

But on the other hand, I would have to sacrifice some stuff in life.
I wonder if I'm prepared for it? I miss it so much...
Let's hope the schedule don't clash that often. 

Baked cornflakes biscuit with mommy!

I think the second batch turned out nicer because Mom decided to do it herself.
She complained that mine were too ugly.. :( Ok lo, she can do it herself :( 
I think it's quite yummy but i get so thirsty after eating just 3 pieces. 
I think we will bake rainbow cake the next time! 


It's April's fool yesterday (time check: 0015h) and I got pranked on when I woke up.
So for the entire day, I was very careful in what people said, hahaha.
Thankfully no more pranks for the rest of the day and even received a positive news (:

Life has been good for a couple of weeks now.
I have learnt to ignore negative things and let those people out of my life. (Ok la, only one, lol)
It's really hard not to let negativity sinks in but i guess i'm coping well. 
Sometimes, it's really just 狠下心,and treat yourself better. :)

I really feel that I'm attracted to China variety shows ever since the Wuhan trip.
In particular, matchmaking shows. 
Was watching <<非常完美>> and I'm so addicted!! I think I'm insane. 谁能 is getting really dull, especially when my favorite guys either left or not talking at all because they were afraid to get hearts. 
I guess the girls are really brave to confess to the guys on TV. 
Like seriously giving those guys flowers and asking them to leave together, omg so brave!
I don't know where did the courage come from but it's definitely not easy. 
And some guys are really jerks! I'm not sure if they were told how to react or smth but whatever it is, their reactions really embarrass the ladies. No need for that right?
It's just disappointing to know that some did it on purpose to gain fame or to gain more viewership for the show. :/ 
On a random note, i don't mind marrying to 泰国人. ;)

AND AND I've a new resolution for this year!!! 
Finally i feel motivated to do so because of some people I met for the past few days and incidents which happened to them. Plus I've a goal in my mind so i hope to achieve it in 4 years' time!! :D

“100) Simplicity is happiness" 


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