Sunday, 20 April 2014


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A lot of things happened for the past couple months but I finally understand that being happy is all that matters. :) So i'm pushing all negative thoughts away but sometimes, i really feel weird that i'm no longer 'in contact' with you. It's probably going to be just a phase i guess, a phase which i'll grow out it. A person who will no longer matters anymore. The real problem didn't dawn on me till a month ago and i'm so glad things are better now :) 
thankful to those who care, it's all that matters. x

On a side note, i wonder if anyone feel lonely even if you're with a group of friends? You know that loneliness even when you're surrounded by a group of people. I was indeed surprised when I told you that. I thought over it for quite long & I've to admit.. I think that i trust you. You were absolutely reassuring. Since i-don't-know when, trusting people isn't as easy anymore. It always seems to me that they'll betray me if we ever quarrel or when we are no longer friends? :/ I can literally count with one hand of the number of people I trust. But i guess that's sufficient. People whom i love and will listen to my rants, at anytime and anywhere. 

Oh anyway, work schedule has been mad these days. Had my fair share of break for a month after exams and I guess i'm just repaying it right now. Nevertheless, so happy that body clock is back to normal. Feels a little older though, sleeping before 1AM and waking up for work at 8AM or even earlier. Hopefully will maintain till I start school. I miss school!!!! And CBTL is opening an outlet in NP, when I've graduated ): I wish i could have their yoghurt esp in this weather ):

Despite sleeping for at least six hours everyday, I still feel tired. And just a couple of days ago, i slept from 7pm till 6am in the morning. Aiyooo can salute myself for sleeping so long, though i did wake up in the middle of the night to prepare some stuff for my class. Job briefing tomorrow but thankfully it's in the afternoon. Sometimes I've no idea why a briefing is needed when all you say is 'you'll know it on that day' -.- But i'm pretty excited for tomorrow, new job scope and i'm looking forward to it ;)

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Let me tuck in with your voice, goodnight. X

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