Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Visuals from the camp & FAC~ 

Clearing sleep debt has been my top priority for the past few days. 
That's the advantage for not working and not studying. /thisislife/
But okay, end of this kind of (slack) life and i'm off to town in a bit. :) 

Have to remind myself to get ready all the documents for orientation & interview next week. 
Sigh. Really need to get a job, spend less and save up for Korea. 
Speaking of it, i have yet to book the air tickets, oh gosh. 
Procrastination at its best. 

Anyway, doing nothing has made me ponder over small little things.
I have never thought sense of belonging is even that important. Or to 'feel' accepted. 
It's strange that i can't even be bothered when i was younger. But as i get older, i start to feel a lot more. Or maybe it's just 2014. 

Oh well, it's probably just human nature. I would admit that I tried a little too hard. But i don't think i have a choice. No one would know how that feels. Suddenly, 'welcome to my life' by simple plan comes into my mind. The lyrics seem so relatable. I knew this song since primary school but never once felt so strong about it. Guess this is life.

Everyday, i wish things would get better. Everyday, i wish i could keep my feelings in check. Everyday, i wish i could turn back. 

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