Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Mad hectic Wednesday. 
Went down to the corp to check on some stuff before heading down to Sentosa for the interview.
Oh god, this is the first time I'm late for 45 minutes for an interview. 
Literally ran after alighting from the bus. 
Worst thing is, I forgot to apologize to the interviewer :( 
Finally all done by 4pm. Headed over to hyper mart to run some errands.
SO tempted to ask Serenity but i guess 好马不吃回头草 -though i'm not a horse- hahaha

Satisfied my cravings.
Mango Strawberry x Roman Chamomile 

Casual outfit the other day when I had to go down to supplier's place.
I rmb i went all the way to Roxy Square in an attempt to find Zesty.
But the unit became an tuition centre instead, tsk. Waste time and effort.

Had my favorite mango pomelo with sago to make it up for my wasted effort. 
on a side note, mom also cooked aglio for me today because i've been craving for it so badly

The weather these few days has been very very unbearable.
Don't even feel like going out. Just want to enjoy air-con at home and catch up on my shows. :)
And my nails are growing too fast. Idk what happened, it's just so sudden wtf. 
Growing too fast + chip even faster -.- 
Really have to get strengthener from OPI.

Sigh, the weekend is approaching and I'm dreading it, like totally. 
I wish Monday could be here...

Trying to stay positive because positive attitude will have positive outcome.
May everything go well, x. 

Ps. I should really start saving and stop spending. period.

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