Thursday, 6 March 2014


Finally done with lunch and finished watching the latest episode of POE.
Back to decent work and i hope time will slow down today. Totally dreading the weekend! :/
Just hope these two weeks will pass soon.

So glad the day has been productive thus far.
Just waiting for a few more email replies before moving on :)

Was tiring yesterday because we went for Napfa early in the morning.
As early as 8am!! I woke up wondering why i set the alarm. 
Got half the mind to skip because i was just so sleepy.
But anyway, was a good experience with my girls x 

Took a couple of photos on the tracks and i got to say that the shadow picture is pretty artistic.
Pretty proud that we did it, considering that we aren't those athletic kind of people! Hahaha

Went home, took a bath and nap before rushing off to collect my parcel!
In love with my new pair of wedges x 
It's so perfect in every aspect and not to mention, pretty comfortable too. OH AND ONLY $25!!!
Was considered an impulse buy and i checked out the cart immediately after confirming that they've it in my size. :D
Requested for pick up at 7-11 and i have to say that the staff at 7-11 were so unfriendly. 
I don't know if it applies to all outlets but majority of the outlets which i patronized, the staff made me feel that i owed them a living. -.- 

However, Zalora is really efficient and helpful!
Couldn't pick up on the first round of delivery but the warehouse team sent back my item within 1.5 days! Very very efficient, even dropped them a compliment & thank you email :)

After collection, rushed to town to run some errands and CAN'T resist getting mango magic whenever i'm at Ion.
I wish they would have an outlet at BPP. Much more healthier than bubble tea!
And because i was too tired, i sat at ion while waiting. 
It's nice just browsing through social network and drinking my favorite boost. :)

Walked over to Musee for a follow up.
Oh thank god it wasn't anything serious!
They were really nice though :)
My sian face when i had to wait for almost an hour! 
Sigh. I believe it's Karma. Promise to never be late again.
Sucks to wait for an hour. Even fell asleep at KFC.

Didn't know it was 4"!!
So much for checking out right away lol

Back at my favorite Milly's because W wanted to soak off her CNY Gelish design.
Contemplating eyelash extension so that i can skip mascara & eyeliner whenever i head out :)
But highly doubt would be anytime soon because of external commitment. 
Chloe looked so pretty with her natural eyelash extensions!

Dinner at Dean and Deluca

Heineken to end the lovely night :)

Really excited to travel with her again and I'm pretty sure the trip will be awesome!
Hopefully tickets and everything else will be settled soon.
In need of a getaway badly x

A job interview next week, hopefully i'll nail it! Really need a job before i start to rot. 
How i wish event jobs will allow me to survive so that i don't have to keep a lookout for other opportunities :( 

May everything go well, x 

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