Tuesday, 4 March 2014


23 Things That Happen When Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

This is dedicated to my own mother, who triples as a best friend, avid reader and overall bad ass babe. May you all take a page out of her fabulous book.
1. There were two camps of kids at school: those who teased you for being friends with your mom and those who were on a first name basis with her, friends you’re sometimes still convinced actually liked her better than you.
2. Every family gathering serves as a time for all your relatives to say how much you’re becoming just like her: “you sound just like [your mom's name]!” You’ve come to regard this as the highest form of flattery possible.
3. You’ve sincerely wondered whether or not you can make a mother a maid-of-honor.
4. You can ask her sex questions most people are left to Google. Though there always comes the point where you start over-sharing and she either stops you because she’s your mother and doesn’t want to hear it or she loves it and want to know more.
5. People mistake you for sisters, not just for your appearance, but because you just act like it.
6. She starts consulting you for advice about her life, and you’re happy to answer the phone to hear about her problems as much as she does for you.
7. You start to realize that there are a two things she will always be unfailingly correct about, no matter how cliché they are: whether or not someone is right for you and whether or not an outfit is flattering and/or appropriate for the occasion.
8. She’ll still go out of her way to buy you necessities you wouldn’t think of yourself, that is, when you’re not shopping together for the sheer fact that you enjoy it.
9. You start becoming friends with her friends too.
10. You realize that if you were a celebrity she’d be your date on the red carpet, and you don’t say that in jest, you’ve actually contemplated it deeply and decided.
11. You get to call her and brag about yourself and she’s all about it because she agrees.
12. You go out for drinks together, voluntarily.
13. You’re the first on and last off the dance floor at family weddings and such.
14. You actually start soliciting her advice. You realize she has years of experience on you and lots of stories to tell as long as you’re comfortable enough to hear about her college days and how she actually met your dad.
15. You want to go on vacation together, just to hang out.
16. You share everything, from clothes to shoes to hair products to whatever the hell else you find around the house that you decide you need. Mom best friends are A++ in the sharing department.
17. You watch your favorite shows together, and even when you’re apart you text each other all your thoughts/opinions. 
18. People moan and groan about moving back in with their parents after school but you are kind of okay with it because it means she and you can be like roommates again. (Exactly why i don't want to work/study overseas)
19. You text her the banal and/or ridiculously personal details of your love life that you honestly couldn’t tell anybody else. (Yes, and delete aftermath because people hijack my phone, lol!)
20. You (not so secretly) know you’re the favorite. 
21. It’s pretty common to spend entire afternoons just sitting and talking to her about whatever is happening in your life.
22. She knows all your friends’ secrets, the ones you promised you’d never tell another soul. Moms don’t count. They’re as invested in that drama as you are, and plus, they take your side even when they know you’re kind of wrong.
23. You do things for her just because she deserves something in return for all she does for you. You get her coffee in the morning, straighten up the kitchen, buy her things as a surprise, or write her articles. (Love ya mama). 

Others think it's stupid to hang out with their mothers or to even confide in them. For me, it's the total opposite. She's the only person I trust with anything and everything. And i know, i'll always have her back

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