Monday, 3 March 2014


Life in snapshots. 

School's out and i'm an unofficial-and-jobless diploma graduate! 
I pray that I could say it's official in another 2 weeks /fingers crossed/
Schedule has been pretty packed ever since exams ended. 
Personal and family time/meetings/interviews etc etc! 
Went out to run errands after last paper and also, had some ' me time'
It was nice spending time alone and not having to talk to anyone else. :)
Had nail therapy & i'm really happy to see my bare naked nails again, after nearly a month.
Also tried Krispy Kreme which i totally felt that it's overrated. 

Only got to rest on last Sunday (yesterday) but migraine had to attack me for the entire day.
Ended up as a super unproductive day except for clearing sleep debt. -.-

Finally felt well enough to head out today. :)
Second visit to Westgate and I really have to say that the weather was a killer. 
Plus the air-conditioner wasn't even strong enough in the mall. Sigh
But anyway, it was a great day with Mom! Wanted to head over to JB but was too lazy. 

Have to head back to school tomorrow for a seminar.
To be honest, I'm pretty lazy to drag myself to school and also, ' not auspicious' lol! 
Imagine if i were to fail any modules.. I would have to spend another semester there. 
Thankfully, it's in the afternoon (:


I wonder if anyone feel the same way. 
Trying not to let trivial things affect you but.. just, cannot help it.
Lately, I'm affected by everything around me. Even a small message can get me all upset.
I don't even know what's happening and I can't put those unwanted feelings into words.

Regretted my choice yet again but not able to do anything about it.
That sense of belonging. I hate myself for being so sensitive but I really can't help it.
I wish someone could explain to me why is all this happening.


I wish there's always someone I could talk to - anytime & anywhere.

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