Monday, 24 February 2014


Just yesterday, i was feeling so upset over two messages.
Sometimes, truth hurts but why do we still want to know?
And i literally felt like crying over those nonsense. 
But today, I feel extremely thankful for all the small happy things in life. <3

❤ Having enough time to complete my paper (2 more to go!!)
❤ Meeting a lovely customer & receiving her sweet message /thankful to have really nice customers lately/
❤ Having a seat on the bus albeit the not-working air-con 
❤ Lunch with Mom and chatting/laughing over everything under the sun hahaha x
❤ Having my favorite sushi platter 
❤ 3h nap -no dreams- which made me feel so energized now (and ready to conquer the notes)
❤ Booked an appointment with Chloe, can't wait to see her!!!
❤ Papa came home for dinner and we pig out tgt, hahaha

And while i am typing this (and smiling lol), i received another 'happy' email :) 
Can't wait for exams to end and do things which i love!

On a side note, I'm truly thankful for my mom. Thankful that she helps me so much for the past two weeks, meeting my customers and suppliers, collecting stocks etc. Most importantly, supporting whatever I am doing with all her heart. :)

I got to learn to count my blessings instead of being unhappy over everything else in life. 
Such a blessed Monday indeed, giving thanks with a very grateful heart. X

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