Saturday, 1 February 2014



(if only there wasn't school tomorrow, i would be more kuai le)

On the way to visit Grandparents. 
We only stayed for half an hour before leaving, lol! 

I've a new resolution for 2014.
"To learn how to make ngoh hiang from Grandma"
Hers is so amazing, makes me crave more and more. 
Even Tian Wai Tian's cannot compare!!
And papa tried to make it but the taste isn't the same :( 

While waiting for food. 

Power of 6 ♥
Though we don't see one another often, i'm glad we're still closely bonded.
How i wish Aunt or Uncle can go for a daughter!!!
Makes me so lonely in a sea of boys :( 

USS yesterday and it was mad crowded! 

Even taking pictures have to queue for at least, 30 minutes. 

Waited 80 minutes for Madagascar ride. 
Damn, was feeling really frustrated and it was only our first ride! 

Like an auntie carrying so many stuff!
Uncle got us this popcorn box which i'm going to use as a bin in my room, LOL.
I don't have a bin so i always throw on the table, thinking i'll throw when i go out later. but it always stay there for at least a day or two. especially my cotton wool which i use for skin care HAHAHA
& we had to buy slush drink because the weather was a killer bitch.
Whatever happened to the strong wind for the past few days???!!!

(Favorite group shot of the day)

Left the park at 8+ and we were so lucky to be the last few groups to take the Rapids Adventure!!
So lucky! The queue was pretty fast and we love the ride! It was suspending because none of us rode that previously due to construction. i love that element of surprise! 
And finally tried the Transformer ride. One word, AWESOME!
Texted mom immediately that it's so worth it!! Worth the 70 minutes wait. 
Was 120 minutes initially so we decided to try other rides first. 
I wish USS would have 'a la carte' tickets so i can just go for both rides! 

I think both rapids adventure and transformer really worth the money but not the usual price of $74 as Battlestar Galatica ride is currently unavailable (kind of thankful so i don't have to take 'em hahaha) 

Had a great fun day albeit the weather and queue. Will never go during peak seasons again. The queue is horrible!!!! I think we spent more time waiting/queuing than playing. Even washroom also have to queue. Macham all Singaporeans were there in the park :\

Celebrated both cousins' birthdays at home before everyone KO from the long day! 

They're off to Sea aquarium but we decided to stay in to complete some work and take a good nice break before school starts tomorrow ):  The house has been noisy and crowded for the past 2 days so i'm pretty happy that we've the whole house to us for a couple of hours. Buffet dinner tonight and i'm gonna stuff myself with oysters and sashimi!!! :) 

Some random thoughts. 
Spending time with them for the past two days make me miss my Granny, a lot. 
I wish she could be here with us, enjoying lunar new year in Singapore. 
In the past, we would look forward to CNY if we were to spend it with her, at Penang. It's a gruesome long bus ride to her place but we're always happy. CNY is never the same without my maternal family. We only see one another twice a year but we're closely bonded and i can be myself with them around. 
I remember when we were younger, we would always spent one whole month of holiday (either June or December) at her house and can't bear to leave. Papa used to drive to Malaysia so when it's time to go home, we would ask Gran to tell them that that day isn't auspicious to head home. (WTF) haha so there was this once when we just unpacked everything and stayed for a couple of days more. LOL. Pros of otot with the car. We would always tear when it's time to go home. 舍不得 :'(

Those good old days when we followed her to Taiji class and pretended to be students in the classroom. We would then go for supper and enjoy ourselves in my room with all my cousins. Yes, there wasn't wifi and i'm always afraid of snakes/cockroaches and all those sort of stuff. But i love staying with her and going for Dimsum breakfast together. My brother and i always fight to sit beside her :) 

She took care of me for quite some time when mom & papa went for their second honeymoon. According to my mom, i didn't even want to go home with them. Granny would always prepare lots of tidbits and ice-cream when she knows we're going to visit her. There was this time when we sprang a surprise on her because it's her birthday. Her birthday is in August so we rarely will return to celebrate due to school and all that. But that particular year, we went back and she was so surprised! We were at Aunt's place (around 200m away only) and made sure she's in the living room before i went over (in cap and glasses) and asked her for donation. hahaha she still asked me which organization i'm from -.- when she rejected, i said 'ah ma, 你确定你不要捐钱吗?' That look on her face!!! hahaha. I miss her.

She's also the one who taught me that time will wait for no man and i must NOT sacrifice my family time for anything else. Because nothing would be as important as family. I would never forget how much she dotes on us, how she took care of me, and i would never forget how much i love her. my brother and i said we will move her to Singapore when we are older (and financially stabled) so we can take care of her for a lifetime and she can live with us. that'll never come true but i know she's in a better place, blessing all 12 of us. :) 

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