Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Feeling pretty frustrated right now.
Whole body is itching all over and i've no idea why :(
Started since yesterday night and still itching right now. 
I hope it's not allergy of any sort. :( 

It's 9th day of 2014 and i must say life hasn't been treating me.. well.
It feels like I'm not in control of my own life.
So much uncertainty & everything is taking a toll on my emotions. Bad emotional ride. :/ 
I hope everything else will go smoothly for the rest of the year. 
May tears dry up and smile be here again. Faith, please stay within, x. 

Popped by NYDC for lunch yesterday because we had 2h lunch break.
Gosh, so thankful for pair work for the upcoming project. I really cannot stand working with that eccentric freak. Not being judgmental but 'being an eccentric freak' is really an understatement. -.-

Interior of NYDC @ Holland Village.

Didn't know they've outlets at Wheelock & Bugis as well. So convenient !

Had the $9.80 lunch special and it came with a soup of the day.
It's nice but i wouldn't spend $5 (a la carte) on this small bowl of soup.
(it's quite pathetic imho)

The Prawn Who Got Creamed in Aglio Style.
It's close to perfection. Would prefer it to be warmer though.
I requested for more chili padi and garlic. SO GOOODDD.
They're so generous with their prawns! I think it's worth $15.80 (a la carte price) but cheaper option would be Pastamania, hahaha. 

Note to myself: Ask them not to put capsicum next time, LOL.

The Prawn Who Got Creamed (original)
I tried a bit of this and it wasn't too bad, the cream wasn't too thick.
Tw said it's yummy because she won't get sick of it :)
Not to mention, she praised the portion of prawns as well, hahaha.

Goldmine Cheesecake & Mudpie Extravaganza 

Too much chocolate for me but i enjoyed both cakes. 
Idk why people say chocolates are girl's best friend because i hate it, too sweet, too bitter etc but well, personal preference. 

Mudpie Extravaganza - Very unique mudpie. A mixture of different tastes and i love the ice-cream!
But i don't think it's worth $11.80...
Would probably try the rest (molten lava cake!!) on my next visit (very soon, i hope!)

Bill came up to $44.95 and i thought it's pretty reasonable. 
Their food quality is above average but the crowd don't show. 
We were there at lunch time and there were only 3 tables of guests. :/
But i foresee myself being a regular customer since HV is so convenient/near! 

Had Ajisen for dinner and boy, i missed it so much! 
Used to have it regularly at Lot 1 but kinda don't like it as much after trying Bari-Uma.
Still, i think their seafood ramen is good! 
Service was HORRIBLE though. That auntie acted like we owed her a lifetime (and probably killed her mum too) Sickening. 
We wanted to try W39 Cafe but realized they don't serve brunch menu on weekdays. BOO :(

Nevertheless, we still had a good time over comfort food. :D

YAYY finally get to try this highly-raved bananas!!
So much love to W for bringing these back to you from Tokyo <3
The carrier is my favorite because it's leopard-printed. HAHAHA

It's 12.40pm now and i gave school a miss because it's only an hour tutorial. 
Gonna stay in and complete as much work as possible, also catch up on some sleep cos it's gonna be a long day tomorrow & Sat. 

On a side note, I'm trying to figure out comgeteway now so that i can get smth from the US!!! :D


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