Thursday, 30 January 2014


It's 初一 :) 
Aunt & Uncle are both arriving later in the afternoon and i'm pretty hyped that we are all celebrating CNY in Singapore! 
It's been many years since we last celebrated here because we always go back to Penang for visiting (: 
How i wish Gran will be here with us but i know she's doing well in another world and blessing us in every ways, x.

Steamboat & Lohei for reunion dinner at home yesterday. 
Always so full from steamboat though i kept reminding myself not to eat so much! 
Also had 2 cans of root beer, omg! But i love the sparkling juice which my angel got for us. :)
Though we have family dinner every week, it feels different when it's reunion. 
May the year of Horse be a blessed year for us all, x ♥

My nails for CNY, nothing red nor pink nor gold. 
Wanted to have this red and flowers set but it costed 80 bucks, gosh.
Settled for this gradient gold glitters (Chloe chose it) and i couldn't decide on the color.
She's so cute, she insisted that i've to choose the color myself because it's MY nails.

Me: Ok lor, then this color (some sort of turquoise
Chloe: Are you sure you want this for CNY...
Me: Hmm, ok then this hot pink?
Chloe: It won't look nice on your fingers...
Me: Ok, then what color you suggest?
Chloe: THIS! (which is my nails color right now) /wtf, LOL/

Whatever happened to ME deciding for MY nails? ;)
But anyway, as usual, i'm very satisfied :) 
It looks black in the picture but it isn't!
It's a mixture of blue, purple and glitter! :D
Definitely not my usual style (i think i had pink/red gradient nails for CNY 2013) but i'm glad i trusted her! She's nothing short of amazing and never fails to make me leave with pretty nails xxx

Shopped at Etude House when i saw some sales going on! 
In love with their calendar and angpao covers! SO PRETTY!
Love their eyebrow pencil which cost only $5.90! 
I really like the lipstick color but i find it too dry for my lips :( 
Still prefer Silkygirl after trying so many brands. 

Got on my hands on Innisfree's super volcanic pore clay mask.
Went for CNY goodies shopping with my parents and chanced upon Innisfree at Taka!
Got this clay mask which i haven't got the chance to use :( 
I read from online reviews that it'll clear blackheads so i pray hard it will do its magical job! 

And they gave me some samples to try! i LOVE shops which give out samples hahaha /Singaporean/
love the seed cream and i might get a bottle for myself soon (: 

Finally got my Naked 3 palette.
Was dilemma between 2 and 3 but i reckon I've a NYX bronze smokey kit which is brown/neutral kind of colors. Chose 3 in the end because i love those rose/pink colors. :D
Didn't expect this but i think Blackheart is gorgeous! 

Virgin visit to Saveur and we had to wait for approx 0.5h.
Business was brisk though it's a weekday. 
No reservations allowed so we left our numbers and walked around FEP while waiting. 

Had half the mind to go for 5 little bears instead because we were afraid that we couldn't make it for our manicure appointment. Thankfully we persevered hahaha!

Saveur's Pasta ($4.90)

Salmon Confit with Apple and Fennel Salad ($8.90)

Didn't try the mains as we were too full.
The pasta is highly-raved and it won me over, like totally!! /drooling
It tasted like aglio yet with an unique 'touch' as it had shrimps in it. 
The portion looked small but it isn't. it feels like just normal size of pastamania after we untangled it. 

The salmon confit wasn't too bad but not very impressive.. 
It's so soft and somehow melts in my mouth! Good for salmon lovers.

Would love to try their desserts and duck confit the next visit :D
Only shortcoming is that all the tables in the restaurant are too near to one another so it seems really cramped. Plus it's crowded and noisy so it's rather difficult to chit chat.


Okay, got to prepare and head out to collect USS/SA tickets :) 
Though many said SA is boring, i can't wait to visit and see all the fishes! 
May the weather be in our favor so we can enjoy our day at Sentosa! 

Yay, Happy New Year x

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