Wednesday, 22 January 2014


On the 22nd day, I'm very thankful for:

♡ My beloved mommy who got me breakfast in the morning (thank you my mom!!)
♡ Feeling extra hardworking in making up hence feeling pretty the entire day. Even drew eyeliner. ;)
♡ The pretty lady who helped me press the bell, if not i'll miss the stop and have to walk from SIM to class. Thank you, I really appreciate it!! 
♡ Migraine has decided to leave me alone and i'm feeling so good the entire day :)
♡ Extension of deadline for DPP project till after CNY, awesome! 
♡ Feast for the eyes, unexpectedly
♡ Simple and nice lunch by the pool
♡ Enough time to get some little snacks in between class
♡ Fuss free deal with this buyer (bye, knit cardigan!) 

mac&cheese with mushroom soup 

May everyday be so blessed, x. 

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